Anil Chaturvedi a Renowned World-Class Banker

India offers more investment opportunities than before. As such, it has become one of the leading business hubs in the world. Over time, the government has amended the law that would make it difficult for the European companies to invest in India. In fact, the new Indian government has made foreign investment less complicated and more lucrative than before. Moreover, the government has introduced FDI reform to offer more opportunities for European investors. Over time, European investors have become crucial trade partners of India. However, a lot of industries in India remain underexplored or unexplored.

About Anil Chaturvedi

Mr. Anil Chaturvedi serves as Hinduja Bank’s managing director responsible for fostering cross-border investments between European firms and India. Anil has been working tirelessly to facilitate a joint venture between Indian investors and European firms for mutual benefits. Anil Chaturvedi believes the recent move by the Indian government to introduce FDI norms will make it easier for foreign investors to enter the Indian market. In fact, doing business in India will become more comfortable.

Anil Chaturvedi has been working in the Geneva-based bank, Hinduja Bank for over six years. He was the managing director of Merrill Lynch, a New York-based Bank before joining Hinduja Bank in 2011. Anil Chaturvedi has worked with the bank for close to 20 years as a top banker. Anil featured in Top Financial Advisor of Barron list while working at Hinduja Bank. Over time, Anil Chaturvedi has built an excellent reputation for his exceptional communications and interpersonal skills. In fact, these skills have made him one of the most influential bankers in the world.

Moreover, Anil Chaturvedi has become a motivational and inspirational leader. Anil Chaturvedi made significant strides while working at ANZ Grindlays bank as the head of the US operations. He was instrumental in the implementation of measures to ensure the bank witnessed massive growth under his tenure. Mr. Anil Chaturvedi helped improve the bank’s customer services as well as its market reputation. Anil Chaturvedi is also passionate about giving back to society. He teamed up with his wife, Kiran, to launch Anil Chaturvedi Foundation, which funds international charities.

Nuerocore Brain Training Centers can Give Athletes the Edge

Neurocore Brain Training Centers is a Michigan based neurological therapy organization. It has been around since 2004 and it has a location in Florida. The primary goal of this neuro-therapy program is to help people with their concentration, sleeping habits and their ability to manage stress.

Neurocore offers various therapies such as memory boot camp and assessment training. These programs are normally available for people suffering from issues such as anxiety, depression and ADHD. However, Neurocore now offers their services for athletes. Athletes can improve their game playing skills in two very important areas with the use Neurocore programs. These two areas include concentration and sleep. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


Neurocore’s brain training program helps athletes to develop their skills with the use of concentration. Their memory boot camp therapy requires athletes to hook up EKG monitoring systems to their body and head while they watch a movie. As they watch the movie, if they lose focus then the movie will stop. It will not start until they refocus on the film again.

Why is this type of training important? The main reason why its important is because it helps people develop their concentration skills. Keep in mind that people naturally concentrate on things that appeal to them. When something has their attention, they are going to be more focused on that thing. Athletes who use the memory boot camp therapy, can increase their focus.

Sleep is another important element for athletes. Sleep allows a person’s brain to shut down and relax. Sleep is good because it can help people to refocus and to stay sharp. Neurocore can help people to develop the ability to have a better quality of sleep. This in turn will help them to relax and keep their brain on the right track.


Keep in mind that athletes need a relaxed brain when they compete. The moment they start to panic, stress or become anxious; it can quickly degrade their performance and cause them to lose games. Neurocore also understands that a competitor sometimes needs to get worked up to be just as effective. However, people generally make better decisions and remained more focused when they have a relaxed attitude. Neurocore based therapies based programs can give athletes the edge when competing. Read more about Neurocore at

Freedom Checks Hit The Media New: New Way Of Investment

It is on the other day when the media introduced a new investment plan. They referred to it as “Freedom Checks.” if you have not heard about it, then the man who is behind is Matt Badiali. He is featured when holding a large check worth $114,287. The freedom checks have some similarities with tax refund from the government.

When people view this ad, they write it as a scam, which is something too good to be true or even gets the rich quick scheme that will only work for tiny percent for those trying to gain from it. The nature of the ads matters, and it is bringing over sensation or excitement about the concept. How would United States government write checks from citizens without any reason at all? It doesn’t look like something possible. Read this article at

The confusion and much writing about these freedom checks are bringing confusion because they are not understood. In addition, most people might not even be having an idea who Matt Badiali is or the reason he is talking about freedom checks. What has made him qualified to offer this opportunity? How is it possible for an average person to know that the golden opportunity is not a scam?

When talking about Matt Badiali, he is a man with geology background and a financial analyst. Having attended Penn State University, he was awarded a Bachelor of Science Geology degree. He later went to Atlantic University in Florida and attained his Masters in Geology. He has traveled to many countries because of his consultation work. He personally inspected the wells and mines of Turkey, Switzerland, Singapore, Haiti, New Guinea and many more. Having the training as a geologist, he had a chance to interrogate CEOs in a better manner. He has been learning the truth relating to investment directly from the sources.


The reality behind this freedom checks investment requires commitment. You have to be fully prepared so that you can receive a payout on a future date. These types of the investments deserve more thoughts and what the ads are giving to you. Matt Badiali is also recommended by a certain financial expert. He had been given a task to perform some research and because of this relationship, the expert increased his revenue to his firm. Matt Badiali has distinguished himself as a superior to hedge fund managers together with mutual fund managers for the company he was working for at his time. But the truth is that Matt Badiali is here to promote MLPs. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Jeff Yastine And Banyan Hill Provides Valuable Advice To Readers And Investors

Jeff Yastine and Banyan Publishing are committed to providing over 400,000 readers the best investment advice available to them. The BHP website concentrates its efforts on giving advice on a variety of investments including natural resources, small and mid-cap stocks, option plays, commodities, and others. Visit the website to learn more.

Banyan Hill, which was originally known as The Sovereign Society, based its company philosophy on sovereignty and self-reliance while growing quickly to be a leader in the industries of investments and global asset protection. The company’s original website dedicated itself to providing information regarding offshore bank accounts, asset protection trusts, and wealth of other information.

Following a process of rebranding in 2006, the company became known as it is currently as Banyan Hill Publishing and shifted its focus to providing instruction in entrepreneurship, asset protection, and investments from the panel of experts that regularly contributed to the various publications produced by Banyan Hill.

The experts at Banyan Hill, like Jeff Yastine, work diligently to provide everyday American citizens with what Banyan Hill terms ‘total wealth freedom:’ The ability to shape their own financial destinies through independent wealth-building strategies. Read more articles by Jeff Yastine at Banyan Hill.

Banyan Hill adopts its name from the Banyan tree which is unique for its ability to grow aerial roots under its branches that grow until they reach the ground and provide added support.

Jeff Yastine explains to investors that the market is experiencing a period of increased volatility after a considerable calm for a few years. Yasmine goes on to say that investors looking to avoid harm from this volatility usually take two courses of action: They turn to financial advisors that make them pay dearly to receive cookie cutter advice that may or not prove beneficial or make their own decisions without the help of others.

However, those investors that are privy to the financial advice given by Jeff Yastine and Banyan Hill have a marked advantage of those utilizing other options. The Banyan Hill website offers advice from recognized experts that provide investors with the same information they use to grow their own portfolios. Banyan Hill experts have worked on Wall Street, been large hedge-fund managers, traveled the world, and acted in advisory positions for world leaders. The team at Banyan Hill has a diverse background in the financial industry and have collectively provided aids to millions of individuals looking to secure the health of their financial futures.

About Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine became a member of the Banyan Hill team in 2015 after working for more than two decades in stock market investment and financial journalism. Jeff brings this wealth of experience to Banyan Hill and uses it to bring increased attention to the money-making strategies uncovered by Banyan Hill’s team of experts.


Wes Edens, Chairman, and Founder of Fortress Investment Group.

Wes Edens is one of the five partners who co-founded Fortress Investments in 1998. He has served as the company’s co-chairman, Head of Private Equity, Principal President of Private equity for the company since the year 2009.He also served as the Private Equity Chief Investment Officer for the same period. Wes served as the Chief Executive Officer from 1998 to July 2003. He is also the co-Chief Executive Officer taking office from December 2017.He has also been the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investments from 2006 to 2009. Wes attended the Oregon State University and attained a B.S in finance. He has served in many executive positions in many companies.He has worked in Newcastle Investment Holdings as the CEO between 2002 and 2007.

He was also the Chief Executive Officer at Eurocastle Investments before becoming its President. He has also been a chief executive officer at Impac Commercial Holdings. He previously served as Head of the Global Principal Finance Group. He worked at Union Bank of Switzerland as the managing director. He has also been a partner and a managing director at BlackRock Financial Management.He has also been CEO at Capstead Mortgage Corporation and has also served as President in the same corporation. Between 1987 and 1993 Wes was a partner and the Managing director at Lehman Brothers. He has also previously served as the chairman of New Media Investments group. In August 2010 Fortress Investments purchased 80 percent of Springleaf where Wes serves as the chairman.Wes Edens is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise team located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The team is estimated to have a net worth of one billion dollars. He alongside Marc Lasry bought the NBA team in 2014.He has created an eSports team known as Fly Quest. It is a professional video gaming team which has a league of legends team which competes in NS LCS, the North American League of Legends Championship Series.The New York Times published an article on the private equity industry in which they listed that Wes Eden’s annual take-home pay is an estimated 54.4 million dollars.The figure was reached at after including 41 million dollars he receives as dividends as a shareholder of the Fortress Investment group, 11.6 million dollars he gets a bonus, nearly half a million dollars’ worth of other compensations and also his two hundred thousand salaries in 2015.He has appeared in the Forbes list many times, ranking at position 369 in the 2007 list.

Achievements of the Chainsmokers in the Music Industry

The Chainsmokers is a famous American duo DJ who is among the upcoming starts in the music industry. It was started just a few years back and over the few years that have a breakthrough in their identity in the media. Today, the chainsmokers consists of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, but before Andrew joined the group, it included Alex Pal and the former DJ Rhett Bixler. When Rhett Bixler moved out of the Chainsmokers, Andrew Taggart who was working as a DJ in Main was informed about the opportunity in New York by a friend, and it is then that he went to New York where they met with Pall and started making their success story right away.

The two had a lot in common especially when it comes to music, and they both knew what they were setting on the table. Since then they have been able to make a lot of achievements and their songs have now become a must listen to most of the people across the globe. They achieved their breakthrough through their song ‘Closer’ which became one of the top singles in several countries. They also featured their single song’ Roses’ which managed to be among the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100. They continued to make great achievements through ‘don’t let me down’ which made them win the Grammy Award for the Best Dance Recording in one of the ceremony awards.

Besides, they have won other awards such as the iHeartRadio Music Awards and a couple of American Music Awards. They have served as great icons in the music industry since they have what it takes for one to attain their goals. One exciting thing about them is that they have always tried to work with the most successful people in the industry such as Halsey whom they worked together to release one of their best songs ‘Closer’. This means that they always seek for the challenge and the right influence to keep them aiming higher.

Early this year, they attended the 60th Anniversary Grammy Awards in New York which shows that they are making more efforts to increase their identity in the industry. They also released their latest song ‘somebody’ which they have made efforts to talk and give tutorials about how the song was composed.

OSI Food Solutions is a leader in Premier food supply

The OSI group is a group of privately owned companies in the United States that supplies custom, value added food products to the world’s leading food service and retail food brands. From sourcing the raw materials for premier food production, to processing and then final distribution to retail food brands, the company strives to maintain high quality custom food products. With more than 65 facilities in 17 countries, the company maintains consistency and quality experience anywhere in the world. This company offers excellent culinary skills, knowledge of global taste and flavor, food safety, quality assurance and an overall commitment to ensure efficient and trustworthy supply. OSI Food Solutions UK recently won the Prestigious 2016 Globe of Honor at an awards ceremony held in the city of London on November 25th, 2016. This award was presented by the British Safety Council to OSI Food Solutions UK for exemplary management of environmental risks.

In 2016, the OSI group acquired Flagship Europe as a move to further strengthen their position in the marketplace by giving OSI brother presence in Europe. Flagship Europe is a member of the Flagship Food Group that supplies frozen poultry, in addition to, sauces, dressings, and mayonnaise to the UK Food Service Market. The OSI group went on to acquire Baho Foods also in 2016. Baho Foods is a private owned Dutch company that manufactures deli meats, convenience foods and snacks. Another acquisition the OSI group made in 2016 was buying the Tyson Food plant in Chicago Illinois. Tyson Foods makes items like Chicken, Meatballs, Omelets, Soups and Sauces. Tyson was getting ready to shut down its production and lay off 480 staff members, many of whom later received offers of employment with OSI after the acquisition. In 2017, OSI group, Aurora Ill, made moves to double their chicken production capacity at their Spain plant by investing 17 million pounds to increase production from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. This project added 20 new jobs to existing workforce. On May 5th 2018, OSI International Foods Australia completed a merger with Turi Foods. Turi Foods is a family-owned company based in Victoria and is one of the largest poultry processors in Australia.

OSI Food Solutions is amongst America’s top 100 food companies because of their proven ability to deliver next generation food Solutions, their excellent concept-to- table solutions that delights customers around the globe, and their ability to provide fresh, innovative ideas to their partner retail food brands.


GoBuyside Discusses Financial Sector Recruitment When Faced Globally With Rigid Regulations

GoBuyside, a recruitment firm that specializes in the recruitment of talent for the financial and investment sectors, has published an article discussing in detail the modern-day issues that undercut the efforts of investment management firms in recruitment. The article also provides solutions for an investment management outfit to neutralize these problems and successfully navigate the modern-day aggressively competitive recruitment market. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

Highlighted in the article was the rigid regulatory structure and licensing requirements that make the financial sector unlike most other market sectors and industries. Complicating this problem is the fact that rules and regulations governing the financial sector constantly change, with different countries adopting different rules at different times. This has had the effect of dissuading many recruitment firms from possessing clientele within the financial and investment sector, relegating financial sector recruitment to a niche pursuit carried out by only a select few firms, GoBuyside being among them. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

In laying out the solution for this issue, the article points out that recruitment firms with generalistic mindsets are likely not to place great emphasis or give much thought to the issue of regulation within the industry, resulting in less-than-stellar results. A seasoned recruitment partner with extensive experience in the financial sector, on the other hand, would pay great attention to and display intimate knowledge of the delicate balance needed to hire specialized talent while navigating the difficult global regulatory terrain. As such, it is suggested that financial firms should work with recruitment partners capable of matching the specialization of the firms themselves, as generalistic recruitment partners will be unable to give the issue of sector regulations the appropriate attention it deserves.

GoBuyside, founded in 2011, is the leading recruitment firm for niche investment management recruitment. Known for the speed with which they execute and successfully close personnel searches, GoBuyside has filled over 2000 positions worldwide, working for over 400 clients in over 500 cities across sixteen countries. These clients include private equity firms, investment management firms and hedge funds, including numerous noted Fortune 500 companies.


Be Assured of Success Top Clients Review NewsWatch TV

Ever since its inception over 25 years ago, NewsWatch TV has been making a mark for itself. It started out with airing informative shows in the finance niche but later expanded its horizon to multiple other topics. Today, it has gained a massive recognition and fame as a TV magazine channel and has numerous awards under its belt as well.

Owned and operated by the video and communication production company, The Bridge Communications; the show is the one-stop destination for all viewers looking for product reviews, consumer news, celebrity interviews, government news, even new groundbreaking medical news and various other news. Almost all sections of the society are easily catered here. They specialize in segmented shows most of which are hosted by Susan Bridges and Michelle Ison. The show ensures that the segment is self-contained and of short duration so that the customers remained hooked and engaged while gaining some vital information.

From 2011, the brand forayed into the modern technology market as well. Many companies attribute their success in reaching to their target market, to the review of their product aired in the section on NewsWatch TV reviews. Testimonials of the headphone company, Steel Series; Contour Design, Sony and many other brands showcase the vital role the channel played in their marketing and sales strategy.

Another factor that attracts most brands to NewsWatch TV is its low cost for each segment produced by them. It has become possible because the channel produces the segment in-house. Moreover, NewsWatch does not discriminate with large and small companies and promote and review their products with equal dedication and zeal. That is the reason it is the top choice for most companies. Its success can further be witnessed by some of the most prestigious awards like Gold and Platinum Marcom Awards. Its innovative ways and methods are worth trying out for any brand.


Meet Ara Chackerian, a renowned investor in the healthcare industry

Ara Chackerian is a serial entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist. He has earned reputation for investing in healthcare startups. Ara has been successful in his career in the healthcare technology sector. He has found many healthcare companies that focus on different types of diagnostic imaging services. He works as the director of Evolute Consolidated Holdings, and also as the director of the Pipeline Health Holdings. He is also a partner and a board member of the TMS Health Solution, a healthcare company that provides transcranial magnetic stimulation for people suffering from treatment-resistant stress.


He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business management from Florida State University. After finishing school, Ara spent a better part of his career in leadership roles in various healthcare services companies. He has worked at PSS/World Medical where he held different leadership positions and ensured profits in more than ten distribution facilities and grew the company’s workforce to 400 employees. Ara Chackerian was also the founder and chief executive officer of BMC Diagnostics. He led the company until 2007 when the Health Diagnostics purchased it. Check out



Healthcare startups are quickly thriving in the global marketplace, and this has led to a meteoric rise of startups. The power of innovation in the healthcare sector like the robotics and digital imaging have substantially impacted many patients outcome and have also developed a smooth healthcare operation system. Mr. Chackerian believes that innovation has lifted the success and sustainability of the healthcare sector. For Ara Chackerian and other healthcare startup entrepreneurs, this is the right time to invest because money is flowing back to the economy and the healthcare sector is quickly dominating the global marketplace. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Ara Chackerian is famous for his philanthropic acts. He has helped numerous charitable organizations in Armenia, the United States and Nicaragua. He has sacrificed his time and resources to help the less fortunate in the society and to protect natural resources especially forests. He has been in the frontline advocating for forest management. He recently founded Limonapa, a teak farm based in Nicaragua. He established Limonapa teak to provide sustainable farming and replenish forest that had been destroyed. The project became of great help to the people of Nicaragua. You can visit for more.