Doe Deere And Lime Crime: From Russia With Love

She’s now an L.A. girl, but before that, Lime Crime CEO and founder Doe Deere was a little one living in her native Russia. The creative soul always enjoyed playing with bright colors and applying makeup and using her wild imagination.


Then, Doe Deere moved to New York City and began to dream large, she tells IdeaMensch in a fascinating interview. She pursued a number of creative ideas, like sewing her own fashions and singing in a band. One day in 2008, she decided on trying to develop her own line of makeup, because even a city as huge as New York did not offer much in the way of playful, vivid cosmetics.


She named her makeup brand Lime Crime, and it was a smart move, because it’s a heck of a “Google-able” name. Doe Deere had launched a beauty company that filled a new niche known as “modern makeup.” Her color palettes are so crazy beautiful and radical. Let’s be honest; squash-colored, raven-colored or cement-colored lipstick? There was nothing else quite like it in the universe. Lime Crime was challenging the old-fashioned, boring cosmetics status quo and winning.


Doe Deere has become a female entrepreneur symbol of success, and she enjoys advising young women and men who wish to succeed in the same manner. Doe Deere has found that e-commerce is the way to build a major brand, along with understanding the value and potential of social media.


Lime Crime’s Instagram page keeps growing like mad, now up to 2.7 million followers. Makeup-obsessed fans love to communicate with Doe Deere, send her their favorite Lime Crime adorned selfies and gather inspiration.


Lime Crime makeup is not only about creating a unique you but one with self-empowerment. Doe Deere believes that her wild, sexy-looking makeup allows its wearer to make a beauty statement and to define what is beautiful in their own way. There is no longer a necessity to stick to boring beige palettes, whose only bold hues feature fuchsia or red.


Doe Deere is totally hands-on when it comes to her independent cosmetics brand. If a new product she’s testing falls, then she tosses it out. She really wears her brand and collaborates closely with a creative director and lab chemist.


Lime Crime has gone mainstream and is now popular at red carpet events. Women want choices, and Lime Crime lets you go wild with color.


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The Success Journey of Malini Saba and Her Investments

Malini Saba is a living testimony that someone can grow from nothing to become something or from grass to grace. This statement is true since Malini started very small many years back and became very successful in the investment world in the US.


Looking back at the life of Malini, she originated from Malaysia to the US at the age of nineteen. She came from a middle-class family. Malini arrived in the US with only $200 and thus depended on her former husband. At this time, her husband was attending Stanford University. Malini decided to join him at the University where she enrolled in finance and investment classes.


It is during this time that she sought investment advice from the professional in this school. After getting the revenant advice and completing her classes at the university, she ventured into her first investment using her savings. This was the beginning of her success in the investment world.


Currently, Saba Malini is one of the most successful investors in the US. The need and passion to understand the financial world is the reason for immense prosperity. In addition, Malini owns an investment company that invests in assets in almost every part of the world. Notably, she invests in the technology companies in the US, oil in China as well as real estate in Australia and India.


Malini Saba is the acting chair of Saban, which is her investment company. In addition to Saban, she invests in other organizations that include Sycamore Networks, PayPal, and Netscreen Technologies.

The success of Malini has influenced various individuals in the society.


She is a great philanthropist as she organized a program in 2001 to help poor women to reconstruct and upgrade their lifestyles. Moreover, after the tsunami disaster, she was at the forefront in offering aid to the affected individuals. He donated a whopping $1million to help in the construction of a hospital that would take care of the patients with heart problems. Moreover, she visited the tsunami victims in India and donated $10 to the victims to help them rebuild their lives.


About Malini Saba


She is a mother and has a cordial relationship with her daughter. She is an early bird as she wakes at 5 am in the morning. Her company has many branches in the US and Europe. Every day she juggles between meetings and taking of her daughter.


Looking at the journey of her success, Malini Saba is entirely self-made, and she is very proud about that. Moreover, Malini is a good timekeeper and very good in predicting the market trends.