Matt Badiali: Timber Demand Is Increasing

Natural disasters occur around the world relatively frequently. They can be incredibly damaging and devastating to those that are affected. However, these same disasters can often lead to some impressive investment opportunities. This has been seen with the recent hurricanes that caused devastation to the southern United States particularly in the state of Texas.

Matt Badiali is the leading natural resources and commodities expert for Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He has an education from Florida Atlantic University and holds a Masters degree in geology. Matt Badiali is a trained scientist and has been able to utilize his experience in order to identify and capitalize on potential investment opportunities in the commodities and natural resources sectors. He is the current chief editor for Real Wealth Strategist. In this publication, he informs his readers about new investment opportunities in the natural resource and commodities sectors.

Matt Badiali has recently published an article about new investment opportunities in the housing industry due to the destruction that was caused by recent hurricanes in the United States of America. The total cost of these two hurricanes is in excess of $50 billion. Over 25% of the homes in the Florida Keys were destroyed by hurricane Irma. Hurricane Harvey destroyed over $4 billion worth of residential homes as well. While this is incredibly tragic, it is possible to take advantage of the unique investment opportunity that it has created.


There has been an incredible surge in demand for timber and other building products. Normally the demand for domestically produced lumber would only increase slightly however the government of the United States has recently placed a large tariff on Canadian lumber. The total tax on Canadian lumber is now anywhere from 17% all the way to 31%. One of the biggest reasons that the United States has placed these new regulations on Canadian lumber imports is due to the belief that the Canadian government gives their domestic lumber industry an unfair advantage. Lumber producers are able to buy timber from Canadian government land at a steep discount. Follow Matt on Facebook.

The price for lumber has already increased by over 10% since August. Matt Badiali believes that the demand for building materials and in particular timber will only continue to increase as construction and renovations for new and damaged homes will only continue to increase. He advised his readers to invest in several companies that operated in the sectors and has already experienced over 15% gains on their investment. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.