Malcolm CasSelle: Worldwide Asset Exchange

If you are focused on the industry of digital asset exchange, you are more than likely keenly aware of some key flaws that are present within the centralized marketplace scheme. There is an entrepreneur that goes by the name of Malcolm CasSelle who is also aware of these issues. In order to allow the flow of digital assets freely around the world between individuals who are from different nations in different geographic areas typically a foreign exchange market is used. This includes a whole host of processing fees and other services that drive the cost of doing business upwards in an unnecessary manner. There is a way to circumvent these issues while simultaneously increasing the security of all of the transactions that occur. If you are able to eliminate the middleman entirely and create a decentralized marketplace, you can facilitate the free trade of ideas and information including digital assets between users around the world. Malcolm CasSelle realized this whenever he decided to launch his new company which he has called worldwide asset exchange.

Worldwide asset exchange is one of the newest companies to begin capitalizing on the technology that was innovated five bitcoin. This technology is known as the blockchain, and it allows the decentralization of industries that have been centralized for many years. This allows many unique possibilities that can help to eliminate key issues that have plagued centralized marketplace formats for the entirety of their existence. The new worldwide asset exchange will serve as a decentralized marketplace to facilitate transactions among users of virtual gaming platforms around the world. They will be able to utilize the wax tokens as a native currency that will be shared as a common store of value by all users. This will eliminate the need for foreign exchange markets and drive the cost of business.

Malcolm CasSelle holds a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in computer science. He also holds a Masters degree from Stanford University computer science. The knowledge that he obtained while he was pursuing these degrees has allowed him to implement the advances that have been offered by the blockchain.