Covers.Com: The Busy Season Is Here

It is hard to believe that the final week of the NFL season is upon us, as it feels like just yesterday the season was starting up. Even though the NFL regular season is coming to a close, the NFL playoffs are right around the corner and that is exciting for football fans all over the world. They can’t wait to see how it all plays out in regards to Super Bowl odds. We have seen the 2007 Giants, 2010 Packers, and 2012 Ravens make it as wild card teams and go all the way to the Super Bowl and win. That is the fun part.

There might be a team that has won 12-14 games during the regular season, but when it comes to the playoffs, they could be one and done. It is really quite simple. It comes down to win or go home, which is a lot of pressure. However, when using for football odds, there is no pressure, especially as it leads up to Super Bowl odds. is going to work extra hard this time of the year. Make no mistake about it, they work hard all of the time, but this is like their Christmas, and they want to ring in the New Year for NFL bettors on the right note.

With football odds, it takes knowing the game, inside and out. Records can sometimes go out in the window in particular situations. It boils down to which team is hot at the right time for football odds. Look no further than the Green Bay Packers. After 10 games, they were 4-6, and many people had counted them out and thought they were toast. Now, they are on their way to possibly winning their 10th game and making it to the playoffs and who knows what happens from there.

They have already increased their Super Bowl odds and they are not even officially in the playoffs yet. That is how it is with NFL odds and football odds. Strange and weird things can happen, but people are better prepared for it when they use Nothing will shock or surprise them. In fact, in many situations, they are already ready for it and they have done their homework and looked at every possible column on Just a week ago, the Raiders were looking like Super Bowl contenders, but without Derek Carr, as pointed out on, it has made a big change to the spread.