Marc Spark: Rethinking social entrepreneurship

Most companies focus on innovating on ways of cutting costs, improving their margins, and getting bigger returns on their investments. The rules of non-profit, however, do not allow this and instead, focus on how to spend every dollar into realizing the incredible impact. Sometimes this may yet turn to be boring. Marc Sparks hoped to inject life into the processes and the management of non-profit organizations.

Non-profit organizations do a lot of good working the society. Especially in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where Marc resides, it is the work of community-centered organizations that offer life and optimism. Marc is a successful entrepreneur. He has investments in real estate, investment banking, and insurance, but that is not all, he has a heart.

Through one of the most innovative entrepreneurship challenges, Marc is looking for the people who are making changes and offering hope.

According to GoodReads, Marc Spark is very specific in what he is looking for in social entrepreneurship. He is looking for individuals who are spending every day of their time in bringing a smile to a vulnerable person. There are many 501c3 organizations in the area, but few are innovating for a change.

Spark Tank has a grant of $5, 000 which is bestowed t the most deserving organization. Organizations must prove that they are capable of spending the money, account for it, and more importantly measure results.

Most organizations operate in a casual environment. They cannot show how much they have, what they spend, how they spend it, and what they need. The challenge is in most organizations. Learn more about Marc Spark:

But some organizations have shown a lot of professionalism and innovative acumen. Spark Tank has unearthed several organizations and has honored two of them. Whether you are participating and you do not win, Marc offers mentorship to all organizations that have joined the program. Read more: They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success

Under this mentorship program, training on the communication part is provided. This includes how to prepare your proof of an idea, how to prepare your finances, how to pitch your idea, and overall, how to remain professional in your service delivery.

Organizations like Mommies in Need have the idea, have the proof of concept, and have shown that over the years, they are capable of managing their finances and tracking results. Their recent win is proof that through good business practices, it is not hard to get the funding you require. When he was honoring Mrs. Boyce of the Mommies in Need, Marc Spark observed that it is his honor to have the privilege of being part of the organization’s efforts to make the society better.

Mommies in Need is an innovative service where families affected by cancer get free services from a professional nanny. The service is available to families whose mother is in cancer treatment and her children require continuity of child care. The nanny is always there to step in and help the family.