The Chainsmokers Shake Things up with Closer.

Alex Pall is one half of The Chainsmokers. He is an original member of the group, and he was joined by Andrew Taggart after Pall’s previous partner left the group. The introduction of Pall and Taggart was ultimately a blessing for the survival of the group. Most people know The Chainsmokers as Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, the creators of hit songs like “Closer,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart knew right away what each other offered to the group. They began their professional relationship together by discussing musical interests, discussing what music is popular, and planning their strategy. They then began making music, working from dawn until night, perfecting their art.

In an interview conducted with Interview Magazine, Alex Pall praised Halsey.

“She’s incredible,” Pall simply stated. Pall went on to tell the interviewer how much they wanted to work with Halsey, even saying that she was number one of their list of potential guest vocalists.

Halsey was featured on “Closer.” Alongside Andrew Taggart, Halsey sang a hearth-warming duet. Andrew and Halsey each provided one-half of the perspective of a young couple, in love and starting a new life together. This particular songs is historic for the group because it marks Andrew Taggart’s first time singing professionally.

Even though neither Pall nor Taggart had previously sang on their own records, they were still the primary creators of their music. They work with other songwriters too, but they have always been involved with the songwriting process. For example, “Closer” was written by Taggart and a friend of the band on the tour bus.

The decision to move Taggart up to front man and lead singer may prove to be extremely beneficial for the group. Not only do The Chainsmokers have no need to rely solely on guest artists, the decision opens up a wide variety of opportunities for their live show. Their live show was also hindered by the fact that a majority of the guest vocalists were sent out over loud speaker, rather than having the artist on tour with them.

Skout Is A Way To Make Friends And Show Kindness

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