The skilled author of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Sean Penn

Isolating oneself from reality and sometimes the troubles of the world can be a good way to find the skill that is within and use it to transform your work entirely. Sean Penn believes in the power of writing, and this is starting to interest him a lot as he terms it as enjoyable.


57 years is a long time to be alive and working with prosperity in every aspect. However, Sean differs, despite the recognition that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff gave him. Having been a long-term producer and writer as well as actor and skilled performer, Sean Penn has published best-selling books and gained prominence in award events like the Grammy’s.


The Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was released just before the most recent US elections and many people saw this as a book which was aimed to pass a message and criticize the state that the country was in. Opinions spread through social media, and discussions and debates were held by critics who took a different meaning to the book. However, Sean who is its author and understands more why he wrote simply terms it as a fictional book with nothing more to its story.


Some characters in the book like Bob have been victims of interpretation and misinterpretation. When asked, Sean stated how sad it is that a book cannot be seen and taken for what it really is.


The talented man with a dream as many people do wants to go ahead of his current levels of prominence and achieve more in life. He believes that his levels cannot be set to standard and therefore tries with every chance to make the most out the opportunities he gets to shine. His legacy is something that grows, and he believes that he will attain a prosperous life, and therefore set a legacy. Sean’s audio release of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was the first version of the setting that up to today still spreads. Sean Penn is not bothered, however. He plans to live on with his passion and achieve more in life.

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