Rodrigo Terpins: The Legendary Brazilian Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver and the brother to Michel Terpins, another renowned rally driver. Born in a sporting family, his passion for sport and speed came at an early age. His father, Jack Terpins, was a legendary basketball player as well as the president of the Maccabi Latin American Confederation and the Latin America Jewish Council. This strong family background is part of the reason Terpins was inspired to pursue a career in rally driving. He later became a household name in championships all across Brazil.

The Bull Sertoes Rally

Rodrigo currently races for the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally. His talented brother, Michel Terpins, is also a member of this rally. The rally features seasoned racers each edition. To participate in the Sertoes Rally, a driver should have determination, dedication, prowess, and excellent equipment, all of which Rodrigo possesses. Rodrigo is a driver in the T1 prototypes. Rodrigo and Fabricio Bianchini, his team mate, came in 3rd in the T1 prototype and were ranked 8th out of 38 drivers in the 22nd edition of the contest.

During the race, Rodrigo confessed how they were focused on being cautious and adapting to the car. Rodrigo Terpins also noted how the results of the race exceeded his expectations. His brother was unable to complete the race because his vehicle overturned. This 22nd edition rally covers a stretch of 2600 kilometers in two states and has seven stages. This was the largest off-road race in Brazil attracting a great number of sponsors, spectators, and rally drivers.

Other Contests

Rodrigo has raced in more than five Sertoes rally championships. He drives a T-Rex, a product by MEM Motorsport. Apart from the Sertoes, Rodrigo has participated in many other rallies in Brazil. In 2011, he raced in the Mitsubishi Cup Championship. In the L200 Triton RS Handicap category, Rodrigo and his team mate, Kaique Bentivoglio came in second with 204 points. You can visit his Facebook page to see more.