The Gourmet Dog Food Revolution

Now more than ever pet owners are demanding better quality food for their beloved pets. Pet food companies are making the shift from preservative ladened kibbles, treats, and canned foods. The quality of the fresh ingredients are amazing. Fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains are all included in the new food selections available. Organic, nutritious, and tasty is now the order of the day. Here you can see how serious the manufacturers are about what they are doing. It goes without saying that this will cost a bit extra, but you will get what you pay for and more. Pet food companies are going above and beyond with their recipes. Such gourmet selections like lamb and chicken and ingredients like kale and sweet potatoes are being offered for the health benefits they possess. It doesn’t stop there, though. Purina has a website that allows pet owners to customized their food blends to fit the needs of their dogs. One step beyond that Purina has a line of dog food that caters exclusively to older dogs and helps give a boost to their metabolism. Even though there are a number of dog food brands that are doing so many wonderful things, I’d like to highlight one in particular. As stated above, Purina has a lot going on. Their most popular brand on Facebook, Beneful is right in the thick of this dog food gourmet market. Founded in 2001, Beneful has made it a priority to have quality products that vary in taste and type. They have a variety of wet, dry, and snack foods that are of great benefit to man’s best friend. Beneful’s dry food comes with either real chicken, beef or salmon, and has mixes specifically for overweight dogs, small dogs, and puppies. The wet food comes two ways, either in a can, with the recipe being called a Medley, or in a plastic resealable container called Blends. With a mix of lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach I dare anyone to say that doesn’t at least sound delicious. Finally, let’s talk about these snacks. The regular snacks have ingredients like real bacon and come in a bunch of wacky shapes. Always mindful of both pet and owner the other variety of snack helps promote the dogs dental health and fresh breath. All-in-all what’s being done with dog food now is a long time coming and very welcome.