George Soros Politico and Philanthropy

George Soros is the founder and the chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundation. He escaped Nazi occupation during the World War II and went to England. In England, he studied at the London School of Economics. Later George moved to the United States and Settled in New York. He started an international investment firm, which was a success and earned him lots of fortune. His foundation, Open Society was started to help black students to attend Cape Town University during the post-apartheid era on Today, the organizations operate in over 100 countries.

George Soros is known for his financial support to politics and charity. In 2004, he was reported to have funded campaigns to defeat Bush by giving $27 million dollars. Just recently George Soros has supported his longtime friend and the Democratic presidential aspirant, Hillary Clinton. George Soros is said to have given $24 million to fund the Democratic campaigns to win against Donald Trump. George was expected to appear in the Democratic Convention and watch Hillary Clinton acceptance speech, but he canceled the plan since he was busy watching the Europe economy that needed lots of her attention.

George Soros has been away from politics for a quite a while, and his re-emerging has an amazed lot of people. His closest associates have been active in politics than he has been. George’s political advisor said that George Soros has been contributing to politics indirectly. The Georges funding has stabilized the Democratic finances, and the party’s budget is fully met so they won’t have an issue on finances while carrying out their campaigns against Donald Trump. Although last time when he made contributions to campaigns against George Bush he lost. This time, there are high chances of Clinton winning the elections, and George will have won too since he is the leading funder.

After he lost in 2004, when George Bush won the elections, George Soros vowed not involve himself or his money in political campaigns on Forbes. He shifted his focus to philanthropy and concentrated on International Foundations that has made over $13 billion donations to support an organization that fights for human rights, education, and healthcare among others. The organization’s operations have been successful in most of the countries across the world.

Apart from being a successful businessman, George Soros has also been a successful philanthropist who has initiated projected that have benefited millions of people across the world. He has teamed up with a lot of people with a goal to make the world a better place, and since 1979 his efforts has been felt. George can be considered as one of the most successful people in the world today, he has made billions from his ventures and touched lots of people’s lives.

Majeed Ekbal: The Best of the Best Business Leaders in Chicago

Chicago is becoming the global leader in the business and marketing sectors for various reasons. For one, Chicago now has more and more different companies that is making them a global leader of the Internet of things. Secondly, Chicago is the main focused city of the Midwest. Another reason why they are becoming such an extraordinary leading city of business and marketing is because they have a major airport that is perfect for travelling east or west, like travelling to New York; Washington, DC; Las Vegas; and California, which are all major business/marketing cities. And lastly, Chicago is such a leader in these fields due to the uprising amount of talent in the technology, marketing, and entrepreneurial sectors. Chicago is definitely the place to go to establish one’s business, or just to find more trusted experts in business and marketing.

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Chicago is becoming the global leader in the business and marketing sectors for various reasons. They are the ultimate leader due to having more different expert companies of the Internet of things; they are the main focused city of the Midwest; they have a major airport that is perfect for travelling main areas in the east or west of the US; and Chicago has a great uprising amount of talent in the technology, marketing, and entrepreneurial sectors, in which Majeed Ekbal is one of these brilliant and talented experts who has proven to be the ultimate business and marketing executive in Chicago.