Thinking Outside the Box Made Evolution of Smooth an Instant Hit

Very few start-up companies have the courage to go up against leading brands that have been around for decades. The founders of Evolution of Smooth ( not only decided to take on the big brands, but they did it in a way that actually made their product gain more recognition. Business associates Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller decided to join in an effort to penetrate the oral care industry with an innovative product for lips. They felt the industry was ready for a new type of lip balm since the products currently available had been around for decades with no change to their makeup or design.

Stepping Outside the Box

The first thing these two business associates noticed was the way EOS lip balm was packaged. There were only two major brands in the lip balm market, both of which used the same type of cylindrical tube to encase their product. This gave them the idea of creating a new type of package that would instantly draw attention to their product. Instead of using the standard tube to hold their lip balm, they created a round orb. This little sphere actually fit perfectly inside the palm of the hand and resembled the type of packaging often used for beauty products. Choosing to appeal to the emotional side of women, Mehra and Teller made their spheres available in an array of appealing colors.

In an online article Sanjiv Mehra discusses the methods they used to determine the best type of packaging and product for retail sale. They conducted a study group with a panel of women who provided them with the type of feedback needed to ensure the success of their new lip balm. The appealing flavors of the lip balm combined with the captivating shades of the orb made their eBay sold product an instant hit.