Clay Hutson Spills the Beans on Music Industry Success

Clay Hutson recently had an interview at TheBroTalk, where he discussed his success in the music industry. Being a recognized figure as a tour managing and production head for many successful concerts and other entertainment events, Clay Hutson rose to fame for his great attention to detail and dedication for each project he was assigned to. In this interview, he revealed his background and his secrets to success.



Clay Hutson’s Secret to Success



  1. Developing your skill set first


Clay Hutson explained that his previous work helped him to develop a great skill set that pushed him to start his own business. Since his last employer suffered from the impacts of the 2008 recession, Mr. Hutson decided to start his own business in the music industry. Even if it was a risky time, he believed that he developed enough skills to make it big in the industry.



  1. Leverage the power of technology


Clay Hutson understands the importance of technology in his business. He is always updated with the recent developments and always applies the latest effective practices to satisfy all his clients. One of the things he relies most on is computer-aided design during production management. When he designs a set-up, he makes sure to pay attention to every detail and gives a preview of those features for his clients. Mr. Hutson suggests new entrepreneurs be educated in the field of technology to help them become more efficient with their business.



  1. Learn from past mistakes


Clay Hutson understands the power of previous experiences to gain more insight for the present and future. He thoroughly checks mistakes and sees what can be done to improve on his next project. Additionally, he also learns from other mentors and colleagues in the same field. He believes that you don’t have to necessarily make mistakes to learn, you can also learn from the mistakes of others.



About Clay Hutson


Clayton Hutson has his own tour and production management services for musicians and event organizing companies. Prior to beginning his career in Tennessee, he studied and completed a degree in theater design. His skills in audio engineering allowed him to land jobs in large companies that host live music events, where he rose to become a project manager.


After developing his skill set, Mr. Hutson started his own production firm that handles stage design, audio management, tour setup, and rigging. He has handled many clients in the past with many known musicians such as Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses. Learn more: