Yeonmi Park and her Courageous Journey to Freedom

The Young and Amazing Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park was born in 1993. She is a young lady from North Korea who truly does have a captivating story to tell the world. She has faced much brutality in her 22 years of life, yet she is now a human rights activist. She is clear in her own focus and goals. She was able to escape from North Korea at the age of 13. Park is a young lady who has experienced much trauma and has seen much injustice within the world. This young lady is amazing and she will inspire you through her own journey.

The Extraordinary Book Filled with Courage

Yeonmi Park is the author of Amazon best seller, In Order to Live. This is truly an extraordinary story that tells about her escape from tyranny. She was only 13 when she began her journey to freedom. She is a North Korean defector with a story that is filled with courage. She is now 21 years old and is a spokesperson for human rights.

Spreading Awareness Through her Story

The purpose of writing the book In Order to Live has been to spread awareness and to create change within human rights. North Korea has been known to be a repressive society. Honest history is incorporated in this book. Spreading awareness about brutality and dictatorship. Her story shared by the Reason TV is meant to offer others inspiration while shedding light on the rights of human beings.

The Escape from North Korea

Yeonmi Park had actually grown up in a loving home environment. The North Korea lifestyle was brutal and led by dictatorship. Ms. Park had been taught to believe that Kim Jong II, the dictator in North Korea, could actually read her mind. Her own father had been imprisoned and he was tortured. He was imprisoned for trading on the black-market. The reason that he had done this was so that he could have the ability to provide for his family. This brutal and hostile environment and regime prompted the escape. She was only 13 when her escape from North Korea began. This is an escape that will amaze and horrify you at the same time. This is a story that overflows with courage and survival.