Skout Proves that Online Dating Works

I have always been one to be skeptical of technology. As someone that has always embraced new technology rather slowly I have been skeptical of online dating apps. In all my years I was always one to adapt to new areas of technology with hesitation. I held on to my cassettes long after the compact disc arrived on the market. I was also going to sticking with my traditional dating experiences even after friends ventured out into the waters of online dating. It all just seemed like a very bad idea to me. That was until I decided to get a smart device and try online dating for myself. I skipped past many of the familiar apps that a lot of people are using and decided to go with something that I had never actually heard any of my friends talk about. I went out on a limb and decided to try an app called Skout on zendesk. I must admit that this has been a very pleasant experience even though I resisted the possibilities that were available through online dating before.

I figured that I really had nothing to lose with Skout because I had not had a lot of success with the traditional means of dating that I have always stood by. I discovered that there was really no rationale for rallying against online dating. Just because I had neglected to advance in other aspects of technology there was no real logic to holding on to my old ways of thinking. To Skout I discovered that there were a lot of people in the world that shared my point of view. I found this very ironic. I used technology only to discover that there were many other people that decided that technology was not for them as well. It has been great, however, to communicate with these people and discover just how easy it is to use technology to find friends. I have even been on a couple of dates thanks to the Skout app. If anyone would have told me that it would’ve been as easy as it has been I probably would have not believed what they were communicating to me. I cannot, however, dismiss the fact that this is one of the best social media apps around.

Life can be very stressful at times and I have found that it is very easy to communicate with random strangers. Sometimes you don’t want to reveal your problems to family. Sometimes there may not be any friends that you would like to discuss very secret issues with. There are times when it helps to have someone that just doesn’t know anything about you to listen to your problems. That may be the reason why I have become so open to this new technology and the Skout app. It has allowed me to break free from my comfort zone and find lots of others that are willing to provide a shoulder to lean on in my serious times of need.