Doe Deere: Making Lime Crime Makeup Tart Sassy and True

Let’s be honest here: Women adore wearing makeup, and not only in the United States; I unearthed some fascinating stats on lipstick alone. These numbers blow my mind:

Every year, some 900 million lipsticks are sold globally. European ladies are going for the major glam and seem to love their lipsticks the most — 300 million tubes are sold in Europe alone.

I love wearing makeup and have been since I was 13 years old; what’s even more fun is applying cosmetics when you’re young and unafraid to go bold and be seen. That reminds me about the genius of Doe Deere’s beloved makeup line, Lime Crime. Her gorgeous bright palette of lipsticks, eye shadows, nails and tiny pots of glitter here and there allow young women to express themselves in a pretty variety of ways.

Doe Deere according to storyexchange is a young CEO at age 34. The Russian-born beauty moved to the United States when she was 17; Doe had hopes of becoming a musician, but she also loved playing around with makeup. In 2008, Lime Crime makeup was born.

Doe created the company, because she loved wearing vibrant fun makeup and could not hunt down these bold shades, so she started making her own lippies and eventually her own cosmetics line and the rest as they say, is beauty history.

Doe Deere likes to call herself the Unicorn Queen, and her lipsticks in their bright whimsical colors reflect her vision. Unicorn Lipstick is tart and sassy just like the Lime Crime name. These are 20 tubes of eye-catching pops of color; lipsticks in a rainbow halo for you to choose from. I am partial to the peachy prettiness of Babette and deep burgundy of Glamour 101. These Unicorn lipsticks are a must-see and must-buy tube of fun!

Lime Crime cosmetics are for the modern girl, the chick who likes living on the edge just a bit and believes wholeheartedly in freedom of expression as well as freedom of choice.

Women get tired of the makeup uniform, if you will, and you know what we’re talking about. I mean the typical foundation, blush, neutral eye shadows, plain Jane lipsticks and neutral nails. I don’t want to be that frightened woman who colors inside the lines.

Lime Crime makeup lets women color outside the lines and create their own beauty palette. Zodiac Glitter is such a blast to wear; your eyes will never look so amazing! You can mix two shades together for the perfect party eye makeup; you can even glitter your tongue–just make sure it’s edible.

Lime Crime cosmetics is simply a whole bunch of fun. Period. I think we need more of that is this world. Doe Deere’s been on the right track all along.