The Worthy Career Life of Vincent Parascandola

A distinguished writer once jokingly said that if you look up success in the dictionary, you will come across Vincent Parascandola. Vincent Parascandola, often referred by many as Vinny is certainly a paradigm of success. Vinny schooled at Pace University where he was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree. For more than 25 years, Vinny has led various businesses to achieve incredible potentials if not full potentials.

Today, Vinny serves as the Vice President of AXA Insurance, a firm based in New York. As the company’s Vice President, Vincent works with AXA Advisors, LLC and is expected to develop, manage, retention, as well as the recruitment of financial professionals in their business. Under his tenure, most clients have been turned into real financial professionals.

Upon recruitment at AXA, Vincent was expected to ensure that the company achieves a better position than it was regarding the financial market. Under his tenure, it is evident that Vinny has done more than what is expected to see the company achieve its dream. A firm that was once referred to as a small business is currently ranked as the number one company that one should go to for insurance. The good reputation has seen the company grow by about 15 percent. Today, the company has gone global and expanded all over to Africa, and the Middle East.

Vincent Parascandola’s excellent career life dates back to 1987. He got his first job at Prudential as a single financial agent, a position that earned him the necessary basics of the finance sector. Vincent’s hard work and passion for his career could never go unnoticed. It did not take long before he was crowned as the National Rookie of the Year. Vinny boasts of being well-versed in the finance sector besides insurance. This notable repetition has earned numerous awards such as the Master Agency Awards by GAMA. Vinny is also one of the most sought-after speakers in business conferences.

Before joining AXA in 2004, Vinny worked MONY Life Insurance Company. He had served in MONY since 1990, a period that he attributes to the fruitful and reliable leader he is today. Under his guidance, MONY Life Insurance achieved great milestones, an accomplishment that saw him promoted to appealing management positions.