The Amazing Interests of Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana keeps himself very active. Perhaps his previous career as a professional lacrosse player instilled in him a “stay busy” attitude. This is a good thing. His passion is contagious, and his interests do inspire others to be active as well.

Like many others, Urbana is a fan of music. He enjoys helping cast some light on artists who might not always get mainstream attention. The days of radio serving as the exclusive forum for promoting music are gone, and the internet is a fantastic forum for giving artists needed attention. Urbana’s SoundCloud profile is home to a lot of unique musical talent.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon Urbana also maintains his social media accounts in a very active manner. Twitter and Facebook are always loaded with interesting updates. His About Me profile is a great venue for amazing artwork and music. Subscribing to his Tumblr would be a good move for anyone who wishes to see some very interesting links and musings. His tweets, in particular, tie into a host of great Buzzfeed articles.

His website is a great way to check out all the great photography Urbana is known for capturing. Fine food and helping sheltered kittens are two common subjects, and they are subjects worth exploring.

And speaking of the environment, Urbana has launched a GoFundMe campaign recently to help with an earth-inspired cause. Hopefully, the campaign will do a lot of good for those supported by the fundraising.

Of course, Jon Urbana maintains his love for lacrosse. In addition to boasting a solid professional sports career, Urbana was a standout for Villanova University. Today, he is still active in the sport. Urbana’s new role is that of a trainer, and he runs the very successful Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Colorado.

Bruce Levenson leverages love of business, philanthropy and sports

American businessman and former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson has had a storied career both on the hardwoods of the National Basketball Association and in company boardrooms across the United States.
Born Oct. 1, 1948, Levenson was raised in Maryland and obtained his Bachelor of Arts in political science from Washington University in 1971. He continued his education by earning a law degree from American University in 1976. While he was in law school, Levenson worked as a reporter at the Washington Star. He also worked as a reporter for the Observer Company.
A year after graduating from law school, Levenson formed United Communications Group in a room above his father’s Washington D.C. liquor store with a business associate. UCG’s first publication was Oil Express, which focused on the petroleum industry. UCG is a privately-held information company that also operates a popular app called GasBuddy, which helps users locate the lowest price gas in their current location. UCG has offices in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Singapore and currently employees over 600 people world wide.
Levenson is also a founding member of internet information provider TechTarget, which is a publicly-traded spin off of UCG.
Turning his attention to the world of sports in 2004, Levenson fulfilled a long-held childhood dream when he was part of a group that purchased the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, the National Hockey League’s Atlanta Thrashers and operating rights to Phillips Arena for $250 million in 2004. The group sold the Thrashers, who have since relocated to Winniepeg, Canada for a $170 million in 2011. Earlier this year, Levenson and his partners sold the Hawks for $703 million to Ares Management owner Tony Ressler.
levenson and his wife, Karen, are also well-known philanthropists who have made financial contributions to the United States Holocaust Museum and its outreach programs. The couple has also donated to other Jewish causes such as Birthright Israel and the Jewish Foundation. The Levensons also helped to create the School of Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland. Levenson has also served on the Board of the Specialized Information Industry, the Community Foundation of Washington the D.C. Hoop Dreams Foundation and was president of the “I Have a Dream” Foundation of Washington.
In addition to enjoying playing basketball and golf, Levenson enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and is an adventure traveler. He and his wife recently camped out in Antarctica for four days.