For Fortress Investment Group, Maximizing Investments And Taking Calculated Risks Is Just Part Of Their Strategy As A Financial Firm.

Fortress Investment Group, which is publicly traded as FIG, is a top financial firm. Softbank purchased FIG in February 2017. Softbank, a Japanese firm, bought Fortress Investment group for over 3 billion dollars. In July 2018, Fortress Investment Group recently partnered with a worldwide leader in global options called iPass. The total amount of funds that Fortress gave iPass was 20 million dollars. Half of the $20 million was immediately given to iPass.

This loan that was given to iPass based on all of their assets, which includes their patent portfolio and their Smart Connect technology. Riley Financial, Inc., helped to put together this deal between iPass and Fortress Investment Group. Riley Financial operates in four different areas: Valuation and Appraisal, Principal Investments, Capital Investments and Auction and Liquidation. Riley Financial, which is an investment bank, is adept at putting together deals for high-value and high profile clients. Because Riley Financial is a top ranked firm that is involved in equity research, they understand the value placed on equity. With the IPass and Fortress Investment Group deal, it was in line with their expectations regarding their valuation protocols.

iPass operates one of the most extensive Wi-Fi networks in the world. As a company, iPass enables both business and consumers to access Wi-Fi hotspots, which number in the millions. Moreover, the number of Wi-Fi hotspots is expected to only grow more in 2018. iPass is considered a wise investment for Fortress based on the projected exponential growth of Wi-Fi.

Fortress was founded in 1998 and has earned a plethora of awards. These awards help exemplify the company’s achievements and their unbeaten track record for brokering successful deals. Fortress also won the Management Firm of the Year award in 2014.Institutional Investor, which is a finance related publication, gave Fortress recognition for their ability to be successful hedge fund managers. Fortress won a yearly award for being the top credit-focused fund.

Today, Fortress is responsible for managing approximately 1,500 institutional investors as well as other assets for clients. Randal Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress and has been the non-interim CEO since 2013.

Louis Chênevert Has Led Several Companies To Success During Tough Economic Times By Trusting His Business Instincts:

Canadian businessman Louis Chênevert is an icon of the entrepreneurial world due to his highly successful stints with several world-renowned companies. He is most noted for the significant success he enjoyed as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for the aeronautics industry giant United Technologies. His tenure at United Technologies was the culmination of a long and successful career that saw Louis in key executive positions with business icons such as General Motors and Pratt & Whitney.

Louis Chênevert started his entrepreneurial journey with General Motors. In his fourteen years working for the automotive giant, he rose quickly through the ranks and attained the position of Production General Manager. After fourteen successful years, Louis moved on and accepted a position with aerospace company Pratt & Whitney. Despite a down economy, Louis excelled with the company and quickly attained the position of President. His work at Pratt & Whitney gained the attention of the company’s parents organization United Technologies Corporation. United Technologies brought Louis Chênevert in to see if he could work the same kind of magic that he had pulled off at Pratt & Whitney. It didn’t take Louis long to ascend to the company’s CEO position.

United Technologies is a company that is known for producing the innovate and technologically advanced jet engines in the world today. Despite its reputation for excellence, the down economy had affected the company’s fortunes but Louis had an innovative and insightful plan to revive the fortunes at United Technologies. He placed the focus on maintaining the companies excellent engineering strength and shunned talks of cutting the budget with outsourcing. The results paid off as the company’s reputation for excellence only grew. Soon, United Technologies was pulling in exciting new accounts that had previously belonged to its competitors.

Louis Chênevert’s career was the topic of a recent candid interview that the businessman did with online interview platform Ideamensch. In regard to the question about his approach, while he was at United Technologies, Louis points out that the focus was on producing products that truly had a chance to change the game in the aeronautics industry. Louis, along with the other top executives at United Technologies placed the focus on truly understanding what the needs of the customer were and then putting together a plan to be able to deliver on those needs. The proof of the success of this strategy is evident in some of the impressive accounts the company garnered during Louis’s tenure. Gaining the rights that for the Gulfstream G500 and G600 that previously belonged to Rolls Royce was of particular note as was the acquisition of Goodrich Aerospace. The main thing that Louis emphasizes for aspiring entrepreneurs that are starting out in business is that they need to make sure they surround themselves with the right team of people.

The commendable work of George Soros in Philanthropy


The world’s richest people take a lot of pride in philanthropy. The act of helping people with their problems and seeing them succeed comes with a feeling of accomplishment. Other rich billionaires work hard to ensure that the society is a better place. George Soros is one of the charity workers who look at the situation of the world and gives out help where necessary. There are different forms of assistance that people need all over the world. Giving out money directly in helping the situations may not be the best decision all the times and read full article.

The unique works of Soros

George Soros appears to be the only charity worker who has contributed a total of $12 billion to charity work. His contributions are out of heartfelt situations that could not be avoided. According to Forbes, Soros appears to be one of the people to contribute the most to the ideas in which he believes and more information click here. One interesting thing with the investor is that he first expresses his dissatisfaction with a situation. He then looks at the consequences of the choices. Depending on the depth of the choices made, Soros takes an appropriate action that would help in either eradicating its influence or the entire problem. He supports the solutions of the problems from the cause and what George Soros knows.

Supporting the community

George Soros has been applauded for his good work in trying to make the society a better place. A unique thing about the investor is that he does not mind losing all his investments as long as he puts them to the right use. In the South African apartheid, many people were affected. The African students could not be schooled inside their country, and this became a huge problem in the country and learn mora about George Soros. Having studied the situation, George Soros decided to help with the investment in education. He used several millions of dollars to secure scholarship opportunities for African students. He desired that they would proceed with their education so that they would impart a positive influence in the society. With the state of apartheid, there was a little that the individuals could do for themselves. Soros parted with a huge part of his investments to ensure that quality education was guaranteed and Georeg Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Supporting the minority

Refugees, women, people living with a disability, and the LGBT groups have always suffered in the hands of the majority on different levels. The fact that the majority did not share the feelings and the experiences of the minority pushed them to handle their situations with little care. George Soros developed a soft spot for these individuals. He has financed their activities and ensured that they stay safe from public attacks. Soros has equally made sure that people get equal treatment in the society for the sake of unity and fairness and Follow him at Twitter,com.

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