Why Stephen Murray Is a Leader in Private Equity Funds and Management

Since its inception in 1984, the CCMP Company which deals with Capital Advisory assignments has grown to be a reputable private firm specializing I capital growth, private equity funds and leveraged buyout. It was incepted as Chemical Ventures Partners to solely serve as the Chemical Bank’s division in venture capital and private equity. This was before acquisition of the Bank by the Chase Manhattan bank way back in 1996 which made the equity firm change to be known as Chase Capital Partners. It then changed to J.P. MorganPartners following an acquisition of the J.P. Morgan & Co. in the year 2000.since then there has been several spinouts and partnership of the Mother Bank which ultimately saw it finally change its name to CCMP which is a short name for the Chemical and Chase and J.P. Morgan Partners.

Its headquarters are in New York City, United States and other branches in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Blossoming Investments and Successful Leaders

The firm according to patch.com has invested more than $ 15 billion in their transactions for the last thirty two years and their areas of interest are in energy and chemical sectors, Healthcare sector, retail and manufacturing industries. The firm is equipped with skilled and experienced team of advisors who are currently led by the current President, CEO and chairman Mr. Greg Brenneman and Mr. Timothy Walsh as the Managing Director and the Chief Operating Officer. Its first president and CEO since becoming CCMP was Mr. Stephen P. Murray. The current Chairman, Mr. Brenneman was appointed in the year 2008.
The CCMP and the J.P. Morgan partnership led to several key off springs which were also developing the equity funds development agenda. Among those firms include; Panorama Capital which is in Menlo Park California, United States was instituted in the year 2005. Unaitas Capital which was the CCMP Capital Asia and the Linzor Capital which is in Latin America and was started in 2006 by three investors namely Tim Purcell, Alfredo Irigoin and Carlos Ingham.

A Leader in Capital Investments Skills

Steve Murray was a renowned philanthropist and a successful investor especially in equity funds. He passed away in March 12, 2015 aged 52 years. He had left CCMP capitals a year before his death and at this time he served as the president and Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Before joining the CCMP in 2006, he had started his career as analyst in credit matters in 1984 after which he worked for some reputable firms besides partnering with others to form investment firms. Steve Murray was running the Make – A –Wish foundations and sat in board of several other charity foundations. This is why many people have continued emulating his good deeds in the society.

Steve Murray: A Business Leader to be Remembered

Steve Murray is a famous name in the corporate world, as he is mostly known as the former president and Chief Executive Officer of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital formerly called JPMorgan Partners. The company is a private investment firm that mostly focuses transactions involving leveraged buyouts and capital growth. CCMP is an international company with offices located in different parts of the world such as London, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Background information
He was born in 1962 in Brooklyn and was brought up in North Tarrytown where he studied in Sleepy Hollow High school. Steve joined Boston College and later graduated in 1984 with a business degree specializing in economics. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital furthered his studies and earned a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School in New York City. Steve began his career immediately after graduating with Hanover Trust Co. He worked as a credit trainee and his efforts were recognized when he rose to be the vice president of the middle market-lending department. Steve later joined MH Equity Corporation that joined Manufacturers Hanover`s private equity with its leveraged financial unit. He became the chair of the buyout business in 2005. The firm was a major investor alongside other bigger and well-known corporations. In 2007, Steve Murray was named CEO because of his many contributions that led to the successful growth and development of CCMP.

Murray was a board member of leading companies, which included Warner Chilcott, Pinnacle Foods, Aramac, Cabela’s, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment and The Vitamin Shoppe. His vast knowledge and experience in the field of business made him a well sought after consultant whose views were trusted. Steve was philanthropist who actively participated in various charitable organizations. He was a major supporter of the Make -A -Wish Foundation, which arranges for children with chronic illnesses for their dreams to come true. He also donated to the Boston College and Columbia Business where he was an alumnus. He was the vice chairperson of the board of trustees at the Boston College and a member of the council at the Make A wish Foundation.

Great loss
The world lost a great mind on March 12, 2015 when Steve Murray passed on at his Stamford home at the age of 52. He left behind his wife and son and in laws. He truly inspired many through his achievements and dedication. CCMP executives and employees have greatly acknowledged his significant input in the organization.