New Acquisitions See Goettl Expand Further Into Las Vegas

The Goettl Air Conditioning brand has recently been seeking to expand its work further into Las Vegas, Nevada, a part of the southwest that was traditionally home to the brand during what is seen as the heyday of the company in the mid to late 20th century. After purchasing the Goettl brand in 2015, Ken Goodrich has recently been seeking to merge with a group of existing HVAC repair and plumbing companies under the historic Goettl brand, which he feels offers benefits to both his company and those being merged with; the latest mergers taking place have included Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air.

Reestablishing itself in Las Vegas has proven simple for Goettl as the brand remains one of the most famous ever to operate in Nevada and Arizona; the latest mergers will allow the Goettl brand to develop new areas of business interest as the company will now offer services to existing customers of Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air in multi family homes and the commercial sector.

The Goettl brand was a leader in the development of a range of heating and cooling units that were among the most technologically advanced in the world when the company was started y the Goettl brothers in 1939. In warm states, such as Arizona and Nevada it was common for residents to leave their homes for cooler climes during the Summer months; Goettl’s range of HVAC systems was among the many aspects of the changing technology of the 20th century that allowed the southwest to become habitable throughout the year.

In the 21st century, Goettl offers HVAC repairs and servicing options designed to keep all makes and models of units running to their maximum potential throughout the year to keep all residents of Arizona and Nevada as comfortable as possible in their homes.