Nicki Minaj and the Human Rights Foundation

Nicki Minaj recently raised controversy over her 19th December performance in Angola. The event was organized by the Countries President Dos Santos. Speaking of the event, Nikki was certain that the event was to defend the rights of black woman everywhere. It was an empowerment meeting and should be treated as such.
To support her sentiments, she Posted a picture with Isabela Dos Santos, who is the richest black woman in the world. She even questioned those criticizing the event asking why they think Africa can’t govern itself. In fact, her arguments were valid given the treatment Black people have received all over the world and continued to receive. That African leaders are viewed as despotic rulers who trample the weak cannot be disputed. When unarmed Black men are shot dead in American cities, it is considered an isolated case.
The event of western countries being hypocritical on Africa is what drove Nikki.Her sentiments however right they may seem cannot deny the fact that it was wrong timing to visit Angola. The president has been in power since 1979 and has used his position to enrich his family. His daughter, Isabel Dos Santos, is now the richest black woman in the world. She has business interests in the country and Portugal and has built an enviable conglomerate.
Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen send Nikki a message. It asked her not to attend the event given it was seen as endorsing the dictator. He called the president a cunning dissident who has used his position to suppress all dissidents and recently imprisoned 17 human rights activists. He also accused the president of rigging elections and ordered his soldiers to carry out massacres. That description was a reality of events currently ongoing. The history of colonialism and imperialism has made it difficult to have a sober
Thor Halvoressen is Norwegian Venezuelan human rights advocate with a history as deep and twisted as the battles he fights. His mother’s family was part of the 1st Europeans to come to Venezuela, and his father was a Norwegian celebrity.
Thor Halvoressen had been fighting for human rights since 1989 when he organized the anti-apartheid movement. He is a graduate in political science from the University of Pennsylvania.Thor Halvorssen’s family is persecuted in Venezuela where his mother was gunned down in 2004 and his cousin imprisoned in 2014.