Citadel: The Best Investing Partner

From a small seed, a humongous tree grows. The concept of the seed not only applies to trees but also in human life. Kevin Griffin is a living illustration of the notion of the human life. Griffin is one of the highest-earning hedge fund managers in the world today. The interesting part of Ken Griffin’s life history is that he started focusing on hedge fund while he was a second year at Harvard working from his dorm. From working in the dorm, Griffin managed to found the Citadel that recent reports show it has approximately $26 billion in assets under management.

Citadel is among the best privately owned investment manager. Citadel was founded by Ken Griffin on citadel in 1990 after he worked with Frank Meyer. Mr. Meyer, the founder of Glenwood Capital, offered Mr. Griffin $1 million to invest. Interestingly, Mr. Griffin surpasses Mr. Meyer expectation making an overwhelming 70% return on investment. The success of early investment from the dorm at Harvard and Mr. Mayer’s scenario was the driving force towards the founding of Citadel. The success was a motivation to Mr. Griffin as he decided to employ his unique investment skills to utilize the $4.6 million capital at his disposal to found the Citadel.

Citadel grew gradually over the years, the team just exceeding 100 employees as well as the investment capital exponentially increasing to $1 billion from the $4.6 million by 1998. Recently, Citadel has more than $26 billion in capital under their management. Therefore, the Citadel propagated to become one of the prime asset managers in the world. The recent ranking supports the claims, as Citadel ranked the eleventh largest hedge fund manager globally as well as the runners-up for the biggest multi-strategy hedge fund worldwide. It is evident that Citadel is among the leading as well as the most fruitful hedge funds on the planet.

Citadel focuses on management of funds across five diverse investment strategies. The investment schemes are equities, credit, fixed income, commodities, as well as quantitative strategies. The company is well-known for their culture that embraces modern technology, solid risk management, and vital research. The culture cultivated in Citadel has been instrumental in the development of the firm. The Great Places to Work Institute awarded Citadel a Top 10 Great Workplaces for Financial Services after a study. Griffin encouraged teamwork as well as providing incentives to employees including fitness programs, gifts as well as tours.

Kenneth Griffin plays a significant role in the growth of Citadel. Mr. Griffin is the founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Griffin employed his good leadership skills to drive the business to satisfactory ends intelligently as he did while investing for Mr. Meyer. Mr. Griffin is the leader of over 1250 employees in the company, and indeed he is the perfect example. Apart from Citadel, Mr. Griffin is at the forefront supporting education. It is evident through his alma mater Harvard University program as well as his services on the Board of Directors of Chicago Public Education Fund. Under Kenneth Griffin, Citadel has gradually become the best investing partner.