The New Competitive Face of the Pet Food Industry

You will find pet food manufacturer, Freshpet Inc. in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. One of the most important things to its CEO, Richard Thompson, is ensuring the top quality and freshness of company products. To this end, he will often tour the manufacturing room to inspect their pet food. His manufacturing chief, Michael Hieger, is so confident in its quality that he will readily eat it during these tests. The new company has not gone unrecognized for its priority on quality and freshness. It is fast becoming one of the most profitable and valued pet food companies in the nation, overtaking many much-loved veteran companies of the industry. Freshpet is not the only very promising new company threatening these older companies. There is also Blue Buffalo Co. coming up as a serious competitor. These long-unchallenged companies are now scrambling to come up with their own customer-attracting innovations. For instance, Colgate-Palmolive now has a weight-loss dog food and Nestle’s Purina’s website now allows owners to design their own pet food blends. Purina’s Beneful fully recognizes that to retain customers, they must retain their complete trust in their brand. And retaining this trust, means putting out a product that they are confident is for the best health of their pet. This was Beneful’s founding mission, and in the face of the mounting competition it is driving up the health factor of its products even more. And the employees are showing just how confident they are in their products by regularly feeding it to their own pets. The newest innovations specifically target pets based on their age, weight, and lifestyle. For instance, for older dogs they have recently concluded a long-researched formula that will be of enormous benefit to older dogs. Although Beneful has several other great innovations for various pet ages, weights, and lifestyle’s, this is considered by far its best. It is a formula that is presently exclusive to Beneful on Amazon and one which they expect to take them back to the forefront of the market. The added healthiness combined with how much dogs already love its food, make Beneful a sure bet for the future.