Nuerocore Brain Training Centers can Give Athletes the Edge

Neurocore Brain Training Centers is a Michigan based neurological therapy organization. It has been around since 2004 and it has a location in Florida. The primary goal of this neuro-therapy program is to help people with their concentration, sleeping habits and their ability to manage stress.

Neurocore offers various therapies such as memory boot camp and assessment training. These programs are normally available for people suffering from issues such as anxiety, depression and ADHD. However, Neurocore now offers their services for athletes. Athletes can improve their game playing skills in two very important areas with the use Neurocore programs. These two areas include concentration and sleep. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


Neurocore’s brain training program helps athletes to develop their skills with the use of concentration. Their memory boot camp therapy requires athletes to hook up EKG monitoring systems to their body and head while they watch a movie. As they watch the movie, if they lose focus then the movie will stop. It will not start until they refocus on the film again.

Why is this type of training important? The main reason why its important is because it helps people develop their concentration skills. Keep in mind that people naturally concentrate on things that appeal to them. When something has their attention, they are going to be more focused on that thing. Athletes who use the memory boot camp therapy, can increase their focus.

Sleep is another important element for athletes. Sleep allows a person’s brain to shut down and relax. Sleep is good because it can help people to refocus and to stay sharp. Neurocore can help people to develop the ability to have a better quality of sleep. This in turn will help them to relax and keep their brain on the right track.


Keep in mind that athletes need a relaxed brain when they compete. The moment they start to panic, stress or become anxious; it can quickly degrade their performance and cause them to lose games. Neurocore also understands that a competitor sometimes needs to get worked up to be just as effective. However, people generally make better decisions and remained more focused when they have a relaxed attitude. Neurocore based therapies based programs can give athletes the edge when competing. Read more about Neurocore at