IDLife Is Causing Ripples In The Health And Wellness Sector

IDLife is a leading health and wellness firm, which is causing waves in the sector with personalized nutrition. The company coins its name from individually designed life. It was created on the principle that people are different, and nutritional requirements vary from one person to another. Since it opened its doors, IDLife has worked towards accomplishing its mission of providing high-quality programs and products to assist its clients to lead a better life.

How to get a personalized Vitamin Program from IDLife

Visit to start your memorable IDLife Experience. Then, key in your details on the firm’s free, private health assessment. Your responses will produce a report of supplement recommendations that are scientifically supported. That way, you will have developed your personalized vitamin program.

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What makes IDLife unique?

IDLife concentrates on developing unique products by using high-quality ingredients available in the market. The firm boasts an unparalleled commitment to quality and purity of all its products. It offers recommendations, products, and programs that are based on science-backed research and studies. This innovative approach has earned IDLife the trust of its customers. IDLife has excelled in offering customers personalized advice, which aligns with their personal goals and health factors. It treats every person it works with respect and honor.

IDLife enters into a Strategic Partnership with Garmin

In late July 2017, IDLife released a statement that revealed its strategic partnership deal with Garmin, a leading firm when it comes to the manufacturing of top-notch GPS and wearable fitness devices. After sealing the deal, IDLife created an option on its website that allows clients to buy a Garmin Vivo fitness tracker. This tracker is causing a buzz among fitness enthusiasts due to its compatibility with IDLife’s app known as IDWellness app. By using the app with the Garmin Vivo fitness tracker, clients can easily keep track of their workout and compute their nutritional requirements. The fitness tracker collects details about different metrics and transmits it to the IDWellness app uninterruptedly to offer the user with high quality and reliable information every time. Meals consumed by the users should be entered manually.

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The contributions of Mikhael Blogosklonny to cancer and antiaging research.

Mikhael Blogosklonny is a well-known scientist who has dedicated his life to studying cancer and aging. He attained his Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology as well as his M.D in internal medicine from St. Peterburg medical University and is now working at Roswell Park Institute as a professor of Oncology where he is able to carry out his research.Blogosklonny is also a well know philanthropist by his own right this is because of his altruistic aim in life to ensure that all people globally are accorded the finest treatment regardless of their financial status.The ability to reduce or even halt the process of aging has always been at the back of many scientists’ minds for many years now. The research on anti aging started way back in 1972 under a scientist by the name Suren Sehgal who had discovered a bacterium Streptomyces hygroscopicus which became the foundation for the anti-aging drug research. He is credited with discovering rapamycin a potent compound secreted by the bacteria which had antifungal properties.

Segal had found out that the antifungal properties of rapamycin could be used to cure skin disease and had used it on one of his neighbors with great results. In addition to this antifungal property, he had also discovered that it could also be used to suppress the immune system and was more applicable during organ transplants. As a result of this breakthrough discovery, the FDA quickly approved rapamycin for its use, particularly in organ transplant procedures. Unfortunately, Segal had passed away just a few years before finally witnessing how his discovery had gone on to save the lives of so many people undergoing organ transplants in the world.Blogosklonny specific area of research work has been based on finding a cure for cancer and the science behind aging. One of his major findings was the use of rapamycin as a cancer drug and its potential to prolong life. This great breakthrough was however not received well and received lots of critique by other scientists.

A few years later it was backed up by the National Institute Health (NIH) scientists in a huge study they had funded which proved Blogosklonny findings to be accurate and correct. The NIH scientists carried out experiments on mice by administering rapamycin and found out that the mice life was increased by a margin of thirteen percent in females and nine percent in male mice, making a conclusion that the lead drug prolonged life and reduced tumor growth. This could be equated to having the life span of a 65-year-old person being extended to 95 years. However, this was disputed because rapamycin had the effects of lowering a persons’ immunity and could not be administered to the old who already have weak immune systems.A few years down the line (2014) his life’s work started gaining recognition as a result of the Science family journal publishing new discoveries supporting his own findings. The new discoveries had also stipulated that a derivative of rapamycin- evelrolimus was boosting immunity when administered in low doses thus making it applicable as an anti-aging drug.