Save Dry Hair With WEN

Do you ever wake up and find yourself having one of those hair days? You know the ones where your locks lack shine and just won’t seem to cooperate with your comb? Trying to tame your hair into submission can be a real hassle and a half, but with the right products, it does get easier. Just ask Emily McClure from Bustle. She penned an article describing her week using WEN Hair by Chaz Dean, and while it isn’t her new staple, we learned that it can add some much needed shine and moisture to a dry ‘do.
Emily found that throughout the seven days she used the QVC advertised product, she needed to wash her hair in the morning to ensure that it was not too oily by the end of the day. The product was great for girls with dryer hair, but if you have an oily scalp you may want to use WEN sparingly. She did mention that she would use the shampoo and conditioner combo on days that she had the time to spare and wash her hair in the morning, so that tells us it is a pretty nifty product. Emily commented that her friends did notice a difference in her hair as well, which was another great sign for Wen hair.

While there is no cure-all for unruly hair, simply knowing your hair type and using a product correctly can have a great impact on taming that coif. WEN is no exception, and many women love the sleek look it gives them. It is definitely worth a try on Amazon, for a new shampoo and conditioner combo, and have trouble keeping your locks hydrated.

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