FreedomPlus Easing Back to School Stress

It’s the final month of summer and preparing for back to school can be very stressing. However, here are guides to ease the pressure:

Get the Supply Early

Going for school shopping without a plan is stressful. Kevin Gallegos, the vice president of Phoenix at Freedom Financial Network, advises parents to secure a supply list from the school. The list can be online on the school’s website or the school can send through email.

Have a Budget

Gallegos encourages establishing a budget. First set your goals and for the child then create the budget. Go through the supplies at home, the kid’s room or your home office to avoid buying items you have. Make a list on what you should purchase and what can wait then carry the list. Moreover, you can try shopping the last minute as most shops have offers.

Stock Up on Supplies

With the school list, the shopping list and your budget at hand, you are ready to go to the store.

Classroom Supplies

Ana Homayoun, the founder of Green Ivy Educational Consulting, advises on classroom items that help your child create and maintain a workable organization system. She recommends 5-7 binder dividers, a hardback binder, written planner and a reinforced binder paper. School supply list may depend on age and grade, but the above items are all-rounded.

Moreover, you should go for clothing shopping whether uniform or casual wears. After schools have opened, prepare meals early, attend orientation, have a daily routine for the child, check homework, schedule sleeping time and have extracurricular activities.

FreedomPlus is a company that lends focused on underwriting loans to subprime and prime consumers. FreedomPlus is a consumer brand of the San Mateo, California Company called Freedom Financial Network. Many parents use FreedomPlus to sustain their goals for school shopping. FreedomPlus has benefited a lot of people in need of financial support.

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