Eucatex is an Excellent Member of the Brazilian Community

Today, Brazil is known for manufacturing many products such as automobiles, motorcycles, coffee, Brazil nuts, apparel, construction, fixtures, packaging and paper and furnishings and paint, but this country hasn’t always been a worldwide exporter.Eucatex has been a major contributor to the transformation since the beginning of the 1900s and has far exceeded the standards of most manufacturing corporations rising to the top.

What is Eucatex?

Eucatex is a multi-manufacturing company that began as a small Eucalyptus paneling factory in 1951 founded by Flavio Maluf. Flavio had previously owned a company called Americana Sawmill Americana that he started in 1923. This small company was his preparation for Eucatex. Eucatex began in one warehouse in Sao Paulo, which grew quickly, adding more products, more manufacturing plants and more offices. Flavio turned the everyday management of Eucatex to his son, Paulo, while he remained head of the Maluf Family and chairman of the board of Eucatex.

In 2011, Eucatex celebrated their 60th anniversary. The total number of employees was over 2,200, and the company exported products to 37 countries. Eucatex has four offices and three plants in Sao Paulo its headquarters in Brazil, two Forestries and a Seedling Nursery in Sao Paulo and overseas they have a North American office located in Georgia and an office in Germany, which services Europe and the Far East. The Maluf Family have come a long way from the old warehouse where Eucatex got its start.

What Makes Eucatex Stand Out From the Average Brazilian Company?

Eucatex manufactures a common item, Eucalyptus, in many different ways, and this has an impact on its competitors, but there are other differentiating factors to consider.

1) To begin with, Eucatex operates on an ethical and moral policy that is used in every area of the company. In recent years, they have developed a “Morals Channel” where employees and customers are free to comment on how the company is upholding the policy.
2) Eucatex believes in supporting the community, and so they lease land from the local farmers for Eucalyptus trees.
3) For the past 15 years, Eucatex has run the “House of Nature”, which is an Environmental Education Program. To date, 22,000 visitors have been through the facility and walking the trails learning more about environmentally safe ways to conserve the planet.
4) Recycling of all types of wood is performed to reduce pollution. Eucatex uses the wood residue to generate energy.

There are more ways Eucatex conscientiously contributes to the community and the people who live there, and they have been earning rewards for their excellent participation since 1997. This is a company that excels in their products as well as being a positive contributing part of the community. These are major reasons for their success.