David McDonald’s OSI Group Expands Its Toledo Facility, Acquires Baho Foods

David McDonald has been a man of success ever since a young boy in Iowa. His animal food products career started when he graduated with a Degree in Animal Science. Since then, David has never looked back. Every step he makes has proved successful. It is to tell why. His passion for animals especially how they can be used as food has been what he has thought of since he was a young man.

After his graduation, David McDonald landed a job at the North American Meat Institute. It was here, when David was in the position of the chairman of the meat commission that though was the right time to start his company that was he did when he officially launched OSI Group, a company that specializes in poultry, beef, and pork products for food.

Although the company started small, as is the case with other companies, OSI Group is today a multi-million dollar food manufacturing company that looks into how to give its clients sufficient poultry, pork, and beef products. The company has a great presence in the U.S. and Europe with growing demand for its products in Asia and other regions.

In recent years, the company has made major steps, which include the acquisition of small and big companies that deal with food production. The latest example is when OSI Group announced that it purchased Baho Foods, a Dutch food processing company that deals with deli meat products. “With the buying of Baho Foods, we are set to increase our production to greater heights. We also seek to add the number of employees who will handle the ever-increasing work in the production line,” said David McDonald.

Prior to acquiring Baho Foods, OSI Group had announced that it had expanded its Toledo facility in Spain. When making the announcement, David said the aim of the expansion was to increase service delivery to the increasing number of clients in Spain and Portugal.

OSI Group has over 20, 000 employees who work in the company’s various facilities that include 10 Chinese facilities that produce, and distribute poultry products to the growing Chinese community. All these facilities have been opened during the time David McDonald is president of the company.

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ID Life, Bringing a Revolution to Your Health

ID Life is a health nutrition firm that strives to offer its clients the best nutritive ingredients to improve their health. The Health and wellness company has been operating for the past two years and it has already achieved a significant number of its goals. Logan Stout is the founder of the firm, and he believes that every individual has varying health and nutrition needs and as a result, he strives to offer each of his clients with their suitable remedies. Id Life works closely with a vast number of nutritionists, scientists and health practitioners to bring life-changing experiences to their clients.

The firm’s products have been ranked among the best and most effective ones by their clients, and this is a positive review of the firm. Besides, ID Life employees are fully dedicated to paying close attention to the health of their client and as a result, they keep a detailed record of the latter. Additionally, they also monitor them closely to come up with the best ingredients that are suitable for their body.

The firm strives to bring a difference in the health sector through the provision of the highest quality ingredients to their clients. The products of the firm are genuine and they contain no additives. The firm’s employees always put their client`s health to the forefront and as a result, they pride themselves in the whatever they use to formulate their products. The rat dedication showcased by the firm’s executives has also inspired many people.

With the wide range of the firm’s products, people get to have a great health experience. The products of the firm are also tested in prestigious laboratories that are FDA approved for maximum nutrient absorbability, a clear proof of the safety of the firm’s products. Additionally, the firm is fully dedicated to responding to their client’s claims and as a result, they have launched their software through which one can acquire helpful information regarding their health. The dedication showed by the firm’s executives has also contributed to the success and fast growth of the firm. ID life seeks to collaborate with more experts in future to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Wes Edens, Chairman, and Founder of Fortress Investment Group.

Wes Edens is one of the five partners who co-founded Fortress Investments in 1998. He has served as the company’s co-chairman, Head of Private Equity, Principal President of Private equity for the company since the year 2009.He also served as the Private Equity Chief Investment Officer for the same period. Wes served as the Chief Executive Officer from 1998 to July 2003. He is also the co-Chief Executive Officer taking office from December 2017.He has also been the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investments from 2006 to 2009. Wes attended the Oregon State University and attained a B.S in finance. He has served in many executive positions in many companies.He has worked in Newcastle Investment Holdings as the CEO between 2002 and 2007.

He was also the Chief Executive Officer at Eurocastle Investments before becoming its President. He has also been a chief executive officer at Impac Commercial Holdings. He previously served as Head of the Global Principal Finance Group. He worked at Union Bank of Switzerland as the managing director. He has also been a partner and a managing director at BlackRock Financial Management.He has also been CEO at Capstead Mortgage Corporation and has also served as President in the same corporation. Between 1987 and 1993 Wes was a partner and the Managing director at Lehman Brothers. He has also previously served as the chairman of New Media Investments group. In August 2010 Fortress Investments purchased 80 percent of Springleaf where Wes serves as the chairman.Wes Edens is the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA franchise team located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The team is estimated to have a net worth of one billion dollars. He alongside Marc Lasry bought the NBA team in 2014.He has created an eSports team known as Fly Quest. It is a professional video gaming team which has a league of legends team which competes in NS LCS, the North American League of Legends Championship Series.The New York Times published an article on the private equity industry in which they listed that Wes Eden’s annual take-home pay is an estimated 54.4 million dollars.The figure was reached at after including 41 million dollars he receives as dividends as a shareholder of the Fortress Investment group, 11.6 million dollars he gets a bonus, nearly half a million dollars’ worth of other compensations and also his two hundred thousand salaries in 2015.He has appeared in the Forbes list many times, ranking at position 369 in the 2007 list.

Louis Chênevert Has Led Several Companies To Success During Tough Economic Times By Trusting His Business Instincts:

Canadian businessman Louis Chênevert is an icon of the entrepreneurial world due to his highly successful stints with several world-renowned companies. He is most noted for the significant success he enjoyed as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for the aeronautics industry giant United Technologies. His tenure at United Technologies was the culmination of a long and successful career that saw Louis in key executive positions with business icons such as General Motors and Pratt & Whitney.

Louis Chênevert started his entrepreneurial journey with General Motors. In his fourteen years working for the automotive giant, he rose quickly through the ranks and attained the position of Production General Manager. After fourteen successful years, Louis moved on and accepted a position with aerospace company Pratt & Whitney. Despite a down economy, Louis excelled with the company and quickly attained the position of President. His work at Pratt & Whitney gained the attention of the company’s parents organization United Technologies Corporation. United Technologies brought Louis Chênevert in to see if he could work the same kind of magic that he had pulled off at Pratt & Whitney. It didn’t take Louis long to ascend to the company’s CEO position.

United Technologies is a company that is known for producing the innovate and technologically advanced jet engines in the world today. Despite its reputation for excellence, the down economy had affected the company’s fortunes but Louis had an innovative and insightful plan to revive the fortunes at United Technologies. He placed the focus on maintaining the companies excellent engineering strength and shunned talks of cutting the budget with outsourcing. The results paid off as the company’s reputation for excellence only grew. Soon, United Technologies was pulling in exciting new accounts that had previously belonged to its competitors.

Louis Chênevert’s career was the topic of a recent candid interview that the businessman did with online interview platform Ideamensch. In regard to the question about his approach, while he was at United Technologies, Louis points out that the focus was on producing products that truly had a chance to change the game in the aeronautics industry. Louis, along with the other top executives at United Technologies placed the focus on truly understanding what the needs of the customer were and then putting together a plan to be able to deliver on those needs. The proof of the success of this strategy is evident in some of the impressive accounts the company garnered during Louis’s tenure. Gaining the rights that for the Gulfstream G500 and G600 that previously belonged to Rolls Royce was of particular note as was the acquisition of Goodrich Aerospace. The main thing that Louis emphasizes for aspiring entrepreneurs that are starting out in business is that they need to make sure they surround themselves with the right team of people.


Waiakea Water & How It’s Revolutionizing Bottled Water

Beverages are some of the best-selling products on the market. Not only does beverages taste good, beverages have tremendous amounts of health benefits. One thing’s for sure, you can survive longer without eating food than you can by not drinking fluids. Whenever you walk down the beverage-isle of your favorite store, you’ve probably noticed the high amounts of bottled-water brands. Dasani, Nestle Pure Life, Aquafina, Zephyrhills, Cool Blue and many more brands are lined along the shelves to perfection. Have you noticed that some of the brands have fat-free listed on the label? Some bottled-water brands can get a bit ridiculous with the claims as if pieces of fat are actually floating in the majority of bottled water.

On the other hand, have you ever heard of Waiakea? Well, this top-rated brand manufactures some of the purest water on the planet. This product is known as Waiakea Hawiian Volcanic water, and it is providing a fresh twist to the bottled-water experience. This water is very premium, and it comes from a premium source. Why is the water so special? Waiakea water is so special because it is rich in minerals, and it is naturally alkaline. Did you know that most people’s bodies are consistently in an acidic state. This statement is very true. Being in an acidic state creates a breeding ground for illnesses, which is the reason to why so many people have health problems.

These wonderful liquids are manufactured straight from its source. This water boasts the title of being the “greenest water” on the planet. Its high pH-level has been listed at an 8.8, but most of the majority of bottled water has tested for having a rating of seven on the pH-scale. When it comes to water, anything below seven is considered to be acidic.

Hawaiian Volcanic water also hosts an abundance of electrolytes in addition to its high-mineral count. This extraordinary brand has been around since 2012, and it is reshaping the landscape of bottled water. It’s time to take your health back and Waiakea is the brand of choice when it comes to pure water.