Premium Dog Food Surging in Popularity

Dogs have held a special place in the hearts of millions for many years. The bond between owner and pet has become even more evident as more owners opt for premium healthy pet foods. Growth in premium pet food sales has encouraged more companies to expand into healthier pet foods. A more recent newcomer to the pet food industry FreshPet has reached $103 million in sales in the past year according to a recent news article in the Daily Herald. FreshPet is one of the only companies to offer refrigerated dog food. Many other companies offer specialty foods such as grain free and all organic dog food. The pet industry is booming with pet owners spending more on their pets than in the past. It is becoming a trend for dog food to taste and smell more like people food. Although new companies are coming onto the market, older more established companies are holding their own by coming up with new food and new ways to market the dog food they already sell. Purina, for example, has bought out Merrick Pet Care, which according to wikipedia makes certified organic dog food. Purina also offers a design your own pet food feature on their website where owners can make their own special blend fit for their dog. Beneful, as part of the Purina family, has been a top seller in pet food for years. The brand was introduced in 2001 as a healthy alternative and was made to look more like people food. Beneful offers on amazon dry and wet dog food as well as snacks. A Healthy Harvest line of Beneful was introduced in 2005, which replaced meat with soy, and prepared meals were introduced in 2006. With Beneful’s prepared meals, the packaging could also be used as a dog food bowl, perfect for pet owners traveling with their dogs. Beneful uses only premium ingredients. The company is dedicated to quality control and safety and meets the gold standard in safety according to the FDA, USDA or AAFCO requirements. Beneful also audits vendors who provide the ingredients for food to make sure they are only providing the finest ingredients that meet Beneful’s high standards.