Lovaganza Entertainment, Celebrating Our Differences as Multicultural Society

Diversity is the chief informant of a creative force and one of the most beautiful things we get to experience. However, many industries and companies have not yet recognized diversity as a powerful strength and a central reality that inform our understanding and stewardship. Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is one of the few companies in the entertainment industries that goes beyond recognizing diversity, and celebrate different aspects of various cultures. Lovangaza is passionate about going deep into different cultures and inspire that the world’ understanding that we are a multicultural society.

Lovaganza has earned a reputation of using unique methods and talents in staging events and making films that are dedicated to different cultures recognition. Already, Lovaganza industry has plans for events and shows that goes beyond 2020. Their website on CelebMafia provides detailed information on what they offer in each event.

They host their auditorium equipped with screens that feature unique aspect ratio, which allows the audience to enjoy a superior cinematic experience. Unlike typical films that are released by Hollywood, Lovaganza films are well designed to inspire the audience as well as entertain. Moreover, they focus on spreading awareness regarding different standards that define beauty, thus making every culture feel valued.

Lovaganza also features non-profit sections that give people opportunity to make donations. The Lovaganza Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life among the vulnerable populations. The foundation majorly focuses on addressing world hunger, in particular, children hunger. The organization is using entertainment to raise fund targeted to meet their goal of eradicating by the year 2035.

The foundation was established in 2010 by J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon, who are both entertainers sharing same life mission. Their mission is to eradicate Child Hunger. Over the last years, they have collaborated with governments, other organizations, celebrities, and private companies from all over the world in raising the fund and awareness for this noble cause.

Besides, they have been traveling around the world doing research, directing and producing documentaries, and shooting film footage that will inspire people to act. They have set to release the first documentary of Lovaganza convoy in 2018. In the past, many have tried to eradicate the childhood hunger in the planet, but most efforts have not been successful due to lack of a cohesive and long-term plan. Lovaganza foundation has put long-term intends to provide all children in the world with clean drinking water and food.

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