Waiakea: Leading the Movement for Environmental Conservation in Hawaii

The environment is a very important part of the world; no state in the world understands this better than Hawaii. The relationship between the Hawaiians and the environment is one that dates back thousands of years and has yielded numerous positive results thanks to their conservation efforts. Just to prove the point, one of Hawaii’s important cultural pillars is known as ‘’mālama i ka ‘āina’’ which means “to care and respect the land.”

How have Hawaiians embraced environment conservation? Unlike in other countries, ecosystem conservation in Hawaii is taken as a matter of national importance. Thanks to this, the citizens have been able to benefit from their efforts as nature, in turn, has fed, clothed, sheltered, and even provided them with sources of entertainment. Through the efforts of companies such as Waiākea, the country has been able to enhance its environmental conservation practice through fostering safety practices such as using 100% RPET bottles in water bottling and beverages. It also achieves this through encouraging and participating in reforestation activities regionally and adopting low emission shipping among other activities.

Waiākea Water is an environmental conservation business that was founded in September 2012 in Hawaii. Since its inception, Waiākea Water has been at the forefront of all the conservation efforts taking place in the country. This company is making an impact on the ecosystem through the products and the services it renders to business its consumers.

Upon inception, Waiākea’s mission statement has been to provide healthy and environmentally sustainable water to the Hawaiian citizens, and this it has done without fail. Apart from sourcing its water from volcanoes, Waiākea Water uses environmental friendly bottles to package and distribute its water. These bottles can be recycled thus having little negative impact on the environment. On the business side, Waiākea has a strong partnership with Ecometrica and The CarbonNeutral® companies where they provide emission assessments in both the business and its product. This is important and helps reduce the impact of emissions on the environment.