Raj Fernando and Chopper Trading Becoming Power Brokers

As the founder of Chopper Trading and now the survey web site Scoutahead.com, Raj Fernando has fashioned a strong profile in whatever field he dedicates himself in.

Raj Fernando gains his trading skills with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. He was cash bond trader before starting his company Chopper Trading in 2002. Fernando earned his bachelor’s degree from Beloit College in economics and history.

As the founder and CEO of Chopper Trading, Fernando made sure he looked after his employees who worked under him. From his days on the trading floor, Fernando was aware of how stressful the trading life can be. His aim was to bring in talent with an eye toward keeping them for a the long term. He didn’t follow the usual training philosophy in the business, but was more interested in nurturing the developing talent in the industry. He wanted workers who were positive and could work well with others rather than how much money they could bring in.

He sold Chopper Trading in 2015 and soon started Scoutahead.com, a survey and review site that helps provide targeted information for organizations, businesses, and even individuals. He serves the site in the same capacity as he served Chopper Trading as the CEO. The Scoutahead.com has had several surveys on the 2016 presidential election and usually features a weekly poll.

Fernando was briefly tapped for the State Department’s International Security Advisory Board, but chose to step down the role.

Fernando is noted for his philanthropy in Chicago and across the nation. The sits on the governing board for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and is a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Raj is quite active on social media, follow him on twitter and linkedin.

Solo Capital – Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is the CEO and founder of Solo Capital, a proprietary trading and consulting firm. He started the company in September of 2011 after he quit his job as an accountant. He had been an accountant for many years and decided that he wanted to venture out and start his own investment company. He had owned many companies before so he knew what it would take, he just had to take the leap. He hired a few trading partners and graduates so he could launch the business and gave it a year to turn a profit. By early 2016 the company had reached the million dollar market and allowed Shah the opportunity to retire. He had another interest in mind and wanted to pursue it to its fullest. That venture happened to be a passionate charity called Autism Rocks.

Before Shah launched Solo Capital and Autism Rocks, he pursued an education in the medical field. He originally attended college to become a doctor. He navigated from Kenya, where he was born and raised, to attend King’s College in Centeal London as a pre-med student. After much consideration he decided it wasn’t the career for him and changed his major to accounting. That was the start to a long, promising profession along with much gained knowledge and experience.

After retiring from Solo Capital he launched Autism Rocks in 2014. His main focus became well-known after the discovery of his youngest son’s diagnosis of autism. He was just 2 years old at the time and he didn’t know exactly what to do. The neurological condition currently has no cure but there are steps and programs that can help. Autism Rocks is a charity based invite only concert event that helps raise money for those programs. He understands that he is in a good financial position to get his son the best help, but some don’t have that privilege, and he wants to be able to help them get the help that they need. He has worked with artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Prince and Snoop Dogg and has arrangements for many more artists in the future.


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