Mighty Fortress Church. A Place Where You Will Find Christ.

Minneapolis, Minnesota shouldn’t just be known as one of the “Twin Cities” It should also be known as a city with some of the most historical churches. Take churches Church of the Assumption of St. Paul, MN, Episcopal Church of Our Savior of Little Falls, MN, and Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church in Minneapolis. The Church of the Assumption is the oldest existing church in St. Paul Minnesota. It dates back to 1870 and it was modeled after a church in Munich, Germany, Episcopal Church of Our Savior was designed by historical architect John Sutcliffe, and Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church has a Romanesque style of architecture which was designed by architect Warren H. Hayes. Visit riverviewbaptist.net to know more.

“Once the world views the Church of the living God as one entity, they will be persuaded to follow Christ.” Is a saying that Bishop T.R. Williams lives by on a day to day basis. A man of great faith, Bishop T.R. Williams has been active in the ministry industry for 30 years. He is the senior pastor, president, and founder of Mighty Fortress International. Bishop T.R. Williams, with the help of Mighty Fortress International, tackles the daily issues that face Minneapolis and the country as a whole like racism, poverty, illness, disease, and moral decay.

Visit: http://mightyfortress.net/1st-lady-williams

Many people refuse to go to church due to fear of not being welcomed or judged. What makes Might Fortress so awesome is that the atmosphere is welcoming. You will not be judged, if anything, you will receive praise for wanting to learn more about Christ. Mighty Fortress Church helps people deepen their knowledge and personal relationship with Christ. Mighty Fortress offers a real, personal, experience for the modern day population who is trying to gain a better understanding of Christ.

At Might Fortress you can expect service to be soul healing and fulfilling. A service that key is to build and establish a relationship with God. From ministry to the choir and to bible study you will feel a spiritual presence in the atmosphere. A spiritual presence that will make you feel at home. Watch this video on Youtube.