Greg Secker, Owner of Learn To Trade mission

Greg Secker is the founder of Greg Secker Foundation based in London, England, United Kingdom. He created and ran a successful trading company that benefits individuals to obtain financial freedom. He owns a top trading company in Europe including Learn to Trade, Capital Index and SmartCharts Softwares among others where he trains people on how to become successful entrepreneurs.

Greg’s career started at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He relocated to foreign exchange business to manage an online real-time Foreign exchange trade platform, Virtual Trading Desk. He quickly progressed in career and became the VP at Mellon Financial Corporation followed by an investment bank in the U.S. His association with world renown traders grew his trading account hence left and started his trading floor at his home.

In few months, Learn to Trade Company was born. He has received many awards including the 2010 London Excellence Awards where Learn to Trade became 49 in position during the fastest growing company recognition. Learn to Trade has also been awarded by World Finance Magazine as the best educator. Recently, it was awarded Best Forex Educator in global banking and Finance Review.

Greg is always ready to accommodate initiatives. Though he studied agriculture and food science, he grew interested in finance which started during college where he built and sold computers. Mr. Secker learned how to code programs and later developed a 3D follicle fluid dynamics model. He got to interact with traders and perfected his encrypted information logical to computer programs.

Greg Seckers’ working on Virtual Trading Desk increased his foreign exchange trading interest. He also understood that one has to be strategy driven, disciplined and abiding by a trading plan as well as be a risk taker to be successful in any line of trade.

Greg Secker got named to the Ambassadors board for city philanthropy enabling him to inspire business owners and entrepreneurs to take part in charity work. Secker has shared his knowledge and passion by speaking in seminars to help people make money as well as empowering the young generation. He has shared his expertise in platforms like the Wealth expos in the U.S among others. He talks about health, relationships, wealth, entrepreneurship, and leadership.