The $990 Commission Plan by The 990 Company

The 990 Company, also known by their website as 990 Sells Homes, offers a unique, low commission program that provides a $990 commission savings plan to anyone selling their home. With a proven track record for the past 25 years, this program is available in every state, and is absolutely changing the way homes are being sold across the United States. To date, millions of dollars have been saved by thousands of sellers who have utilized the program. Extending the full service normally offered by traditional real estate firms, this program works with full service real estate agents and firms that are ready, willing, and able to assist clients with any of their real estate needs.

The $990 commission program essentially works as an add-on to a standard real estate listing agreement that charges a normal, full commission to be paid to the real estate agent. Through the program, the $990 flat commission is paid to an agent if a seller finds an interested buyer through their own independent advertising or hosting their own open houses, and when the buyer is not represented by an agent. In a situation where a non-represented buyer attends a seller’s open house or directly responds to the seller’s advertising or marketing, but then decides to buy the home at a later date through the assistance and formal representation of an agent, a full commission would be paid to the seller’s agent. In turn, the seller’s agent would then pay the cooperative agent the traditional co-broke commission on the deal. As with standard real estate listing agreements, if the seller’s agent produces a buyer by utilizing their own advertising and resources, a full percentage commission is paid to the agent.

The Founder, Greg Hague, has made it clear that this is not a do it yourself program. With over 35 years of experience as a real estate broker, starting out as an assistant to the janitor at his father’s real estate firm, Hague realized over the years that the home selling process needed to be improved. He searched for new ideas that would improve the overall home selling process by selling homes more quickly, selling homes at higher prices, and netting more money to the seller at closing. He created a program that sells itself, unlike other programs where agents have to cold call potential sellers and buyers to solicit their services. No personal information needs to be given when a potential customer calls to inquire about the program – it is truly all about the program and the benefits that the program offers to the customer.