The Career Path of Logan Stout

A successful entrepreneur, Logan Stout works at IDLife where he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. In the past, he has managed to establish many different businesses that have gone on to succeed. Since he was young, Logan Stout was always about health and wellness. A former basketball player, he played in the World Series and accomplished a lot at that time of his career. IDLife was established in May 2014 and has ever since been selling its products via multilevel marketing. Logan Stout attributes his success with IDLife to outstanding business and leadership skills. He has led the company to achieve tremendous success and growth since he assumed leadership.

Born and raised up in Richardson, Logan Stout attended the Pearce High School. While in high school, Logan participated in Student Athletic Council and managed to make some significant accomplishments. He is a graduate from the University of Dallas where he acquired his bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Logan Stout also attended Panola where he got his degree in business. Immediately after graduating, Logan Stout entered into professional basketball and was later featured in approximately 17 World Series games. His career is both as a coach and player. Logan also served as the Youth Minister at the Dallas Baptist University.

Logan Stout has committed himself to a number of mentorship programs that normally enable the young people to grow their skills in various fields. He established the Dallas Patriots due to his passion. Dallas Patriots is known as one of the top baseball foundations in the world. The organization is aimed at inspiring the youth and allowing them access to baseball training. The specialty of Dallas Patriots is in baseball clinics, customized classes as well as baseball camps.

IDLife is committed to the supply of products that are high-quality such as shakes, sleep strips and weight management pills. The company has also devoted itself to providing its customers with personalized products meant to suit their unique needs. It applies a multi-level marketing program when it comes to distributing its products across the United States. IDLife hopes to be the leaders when it comes to the supplements and vitamins industry.

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Omar Yunes Bags World’s Best Franchisee Award

Omar Yunes, a top Sushi Otto franchisee, emerged as the winner in a ceremony seeking to find the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW). Omar Yunes scooped the award due to his immense contribution to Sushi Otto. The awards took place on December 5, 2015 in the city of Florence, Italy. Omar started off as a franchisee with the brand at the age of 21 and so far has upped that number to 13 units found in Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. His stake alone makes up about 10% of all the total units that the brand owns.


Omar Yunes expressed his huge delight at winning the accolade. He quickly added that he was just acting as a representative of his units as in actual sense the award belongs to the over 400 employees employed in his units. He also dedicated the award to Sushi Otto for granting him the freedom to innovate. The CEO of Sushi Otto, Benjamin Cancelmo, stated that the awards were important as they manifest the joint efforts of both parties in offering customers a unique hospitality, remarkable flavor and great service.

Diego Elizarrarras, BFW Mexico organizer, stated that Omar Yunes emerged as the winner due to the important role he played in the whole franchising-franchise correlation. He achieved a greater information management system. Omar also implemented control boards that have helped in having better and clear measurements for every unit.

Other Winners

Ivan Tamer, a Prendamex franchisee emerged as number two in the Mexican division. This was due to their implementation as well as tools provision to come up with a fresh marketing system that is currently used to run the pawnshops network. Ivan Tamer has contributed a lot in the franchise development and started parameters that remain unique in the network.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is the son of Miguel Angel Yunes, a Mexican politician. Omar is a successful businessman with interests in restaurants through the franchise of Sushi Otto and in real estate. He made his mark in the entrepreneurial world in 2011 after he invested around 34 million pesos to buy properties and various developments based in Polanco, Mexico City.

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James Dondero: the Man Behind the Success of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management has an immense experience as alternative credit managers in giving various credit-oriented products. It was a creation of James Dondero in 1993 along with his co-founder Mark Okada. It is a well-recognized financial and credit institution. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas and has offices in Singapore, New York, Sao Paulo and Seoul.


Investment News listed Highland Floating Rate Opportunities among the top fund as the Best Performing Fixed Income Funds on its Loan Category list. Highland the company offers a wide range of innovative products including REITS, hedge funds, private equity funds and mutual funds. Its success stems from its outstanding strategies in place which include:


Investing in High-Yield Credit

Highland Capital Management has always focused on credit plans that lead to high yields. The high yield credit includes bank loans. The company has also been managing long term high yield credit funds as well as separate accounts as from the year 2000. Highland Capital Management is the largest bank loans manager globally.


Offering Structured Products

The company prides itself on offering unique structured products. In 2010, Highland Management Capital formed an affiliate company, Acis Capital Management which specializes in Collateralized Loan Obligation management and investment. A Collateralized Loan Obligation or simply CLO is an issuance of securities and equity tranche backed by flows of cash from a varied pool of senior secured corporate bank loans. Highland is among the pioneers of CLO market. Together with Acis, they manage the largest secondary CLO investment portfolio of up to $11b and over $2b of assets. The company seeks to attain attractive returns from CLO investing while minimizing its volatility.


Distressed and Special Circumstances Strategy

One of the company’s strategies is to employ a robust in-house operations crew in the industry. This team, in turn, invests in distressed middle market companies’ debt and equity. This team also works in conjunction with portfolio company management team to implement turnaround and find growth opportunities.


About James Dondero

Mr. Dondero is the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital Management. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from the University of Virginia with the highest honors. Dondero is also a Certified Management Accountant.


He started his career in 1984 as a financial analyst at Morgan Guaranty training program. Between 1985 and 1989, he was the Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager at American Express. He is a very active philanthropist, supporting various initiatives in education, veteran affairs and in public policy.