Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi- the Backbone of Banco Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the chairman and CEO of Banco Bradesco. The bank is a leading banking and financial services companies in Brazil. Until 2009, the bank was the largest private bank in Brazil. Visit the website to learn more about Trabuco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi attended the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters at the University Of Sau Paolo Brazil. He graduated in philosophy and later pursued a post graduate education in social psychology at the School of Sociology and Politics in Sau Paolo. He joined the Banco Bradesco in 1970 and has served the company for 48 years. Learn more about Trabuco at

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has worked with most major divisions of the Banco Bradesco before being appointed as its chairman and CEO. He started in 1969 as a bank teller at the Marilla branch of the bank. In 1984 he became the bank’s director of marketing. At this time he revolutionized the way the bank dealt with its customers. He later became the Executive Vice President of the Bradesco Seguros, the insurance branch of the company. He doubled the size and profits of the company and it soon became the largest insurance companies in Latin America.

Trabuco became CEO of the bank and increased the market dominance of the bank by acquiring HSBC’s Brazilian branch. For this bold and calculated move, he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He took over the Presidency of Banco Bradesco in 2009. He convened meetings with all the heads of departments to ensure that all the segments of the banks worked in harmony and smoothly. He also employed new and talented executives to improve the assets and services of the bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has not only increased and improved the functioning and market presence of Banco Bradesco but has been the backbone behind its phenomenal business success.


Desiree Perez Gets Billboard Recognition for Her Work

There are a lot of people that are looking at what Desiree Perez is doing in the entertainment industry, and they are quite impressed. Perez has become someone that is well known as a true leader when it comes to any type of business venture that Jay-Z is a part of. She has made it possible for people to really get a look at what she is doing as a business leader with things that Jay-Z has created.

When Jay-Z started Roc Nation he had no idea exactly how he will be able to take this business to another level. Inside of The Roc Nation platform there is a Roc Nation entertainment and Roc Nation Sports division.

Desiree Perez has quietly become one of the Billboard Woman of the Year when it comes to what she is help Jay-Z do with both of these business platforms. She is in charge at Roc Nation Entertainment, and she has helped Jay-Z negotiate many contracts for athletes with Roc Nation Sports.

She has even had a great hand in negotiating deals for concerts when it comes to the Tidal music platform. All of these are things that she has been able to really excel in because Jay-Z has given her so much freedom. She is able to do a lot of different things because she has a lot of experience when it comes to negotiating contracts.

Perez has been a Super Force when it comes to working in multiple business ventures. Her experience is growing even more as the Roc Nation roster expands. There are so many new artists that are coming under this label, and Desiree Perez is doing her very best to help these artists build a better connection to fans. Billboard has recognized all of her hard work in entertainment

Organo Gold: Reaping the Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee has been a topic of discussion for so many years. Research has been conducted to find out whether coffee is beneficial to human health or not. For some, coffee has negative effects, including dehydration and headaches. However, some studies have shown that the beverage also has numerous benefits.

In two recent studies conducted in the United States and Europe, coffee was found to contain components that can elongate life. The studies drew hundreds of thousands of participants, and they reached the conclusion that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of contracting life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and even diabetes. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Organo Gold Products

For most coffee drinkers, finding the right brand of coffee is important. According to some studies, not all types of coffee are beneficial. If you are looking for a coffee brand that will act as a daily beverage, as well as a healthy addition to your diet, think about Organo Gold coffees.

Organo Gold is a well-known brand, which incorporates the great health benefits of ganoderma. Ganoderma is a mushroom-like plant which is native to several parts of Asia. The plant has been used for centuries to boost immunity lower blood pressure, and promote general wellness. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

If you are looking for a variety of products, Organo Gold is the best brand to choose. Whether you want black coffee, lattes or organic teas, the company has just the right selection for you. The good news is that the company is in very many parts of the world. They also have suppliers around the world. If you do not know where to begin your search, their official website is a good start.

One of the benefits of using Organo Gold products is that they have discounts for their customers. If you love the products, you can also join their marketing chain, and earn some money while at it.


Finance Executive James Dondero

James Dondero is the co founder and president of the financial services firm called Highland Capital Management. He has had a very long and successful career as a leading financial entrepreneur. Dondero built his firm from a life insurance company to a comprehensive financial services firm. Over the years, James has been quite innovative in terms of providing new products and services to clients. His firm became the first to offer collateralized loan obligations. As well as offering this product, James made his firm specialize in offering the management of securities that are backed by credit and debt. This allowed his firm to be among the most trusted when it came to helping clients use leverage to manage their investment portfolio. As well as being an entrepreneur, James had a successful career working as an employee in the financial sector. Visit his website at

Before James Dondero became an entrepreneur, he worked as a traditional employee in the finance industry. His first job was as an analyst where he would evaluate credit backed securities. This position helped lead him to other higher level positions in the future. Within the next several years, James worked as a chief investment officer where he would oversee billions of dollars worth of funds. He would monitor the funds of large corporations such as American Express. This experience gave him the expertise necessary to start up a company that would be capable of managing assets for large scale institutional investors.


After working in the finance field as an employee, James would start up a company of his own. This company was a life insurance firm that emerged as one of the most reputable in the United States. While the company was thriving, James looked to make improvements with it. These improvements entailed offering more products and services. By the early 1990’s, James began offering financial advising and management services to both individuals and companies. As the decade moved on, James would introduce things such as hedge funds, private equity securities and collateralized loan obligations. These offerings would benefit a number of different types of clients such as high net worth individuals, pension fund investors, corporations and government agencies. Read more about James Dondero on

Talk Fusion Changes Lives Thanks to Philanthropist Bob Reina

What does it take to really make your mark on the business world? Success, obviously, is what you aim for. Talk Fusion is one of the premier video communication marketing companies on the internet and their ascent to elite status over the past decade has been something to marvel at. Founder and CEO Bob Reina has been instrumental as a guiding hand in the journey of his company. However, Reina hasn’t kept his success strictly in the business realm. Reina, in fact, has been one of the biggest philanthropists in the business to this day.


Bob Reina knows that his success as a businessman should be reflected in his role as a philanthropist. Reina often will say, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” Reina lives how he talks and he has embroidered his point of view directly into the work he is doing with Talk Fusion. The leading way Reina has become a life changing philanthropist is that he has made it possible for his entire company to grow with their philanthropy. He does this with the launching of his charity account offering.


The Talk Fusion charity account is the same thing as the premium monthly account. Only, when talking with a Talk Fusion associate this account can be directly linked to a charity or cause of the associates choice. This creates a way for the associate to give back while still focusing on their job. This charity account comes packed with all of the great Talk Fusion products that customers have gotten used to: Video Chat, Video Email, Live Meetings and more.


Outside of his company Reina has focused on a few key areas to spread his philanthropic wings. Reina’s currently the holder of a record breaking donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay — a $1 million check donation. Reina is also actively playing a part with donations to various Indonesian orphanages who could all use the donation to feed, house, and keep their charges happy. Reina has been focused on creating an environment that encourages and grows the philanthropist inside of each person involved. We would call that success.

All You nNeed To Know About UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a renowned team of experts that guide you if you are interested in purchasing of the wine. As there are different wine types, the team helps you identify the most appropriate wine for a given function. They do this out of their much wealth in the industry. They have been in existence for long. They do this either on direct contact or indirectly through their various online platforms.

The best thing about the UKV PLC is the manner in which they execute their task. They are not limited to a particular company, and hence they check across the brand of wine from the different company until they establish the best for your event.

UKV PLC specializes in the buying and selling of a world class wines. The organization is determined to provide the best brands globally from known countries like the France, Italy, and Spain. The group targets the direct consumers of the products and also those who are interested in reselling the brands of wine later.

Like UKV PLC on Facebook

Their availability on social media acts to reach out to the many clients. Moreover, it serves to notify the customers of the different brand’s availability and their application. Also, they create the awareness of the new brands of wine in the industry. Their availability in the social media also ensures that they get the feedback about the services they offer. Moreover, they can determine the changing trends in the taste and preference of the various clients. It is important in improving the overall service of the UKV PLC firm.

In purchasing the wines using the UKV PLC ensures that you only get the best wine type for your taste as they have numerous varieties. Moreover, you are assured of delivery thus making your purchase even friendlier. Also, you get the best wine for your event thus making it a success.

Mike Baur Strives To Make An Impact

Personal success is extremely satisfying. It feels good to enjoy the fruits of labor after a long hard journey. It takes years to work up to a top level position in a large organization. There is more difficulty involved in creating such an organization. Mike Baur has experienced both types of business achievements. Now he has found fulfillment in developing the potential in others. Mike has come to understand that sharing knowledge is the most powerful way to bring change to a community of people. Investing in the areas that business is done creates a foundation for a healthy operating culture.

Mike Baur began his career in private banking. He worked for the largest banks in Switzerland for 20 years. His entrepreneurial spirit would soon rise to the forefront. Mike ventured out on his own and at the age of 39 founded the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory is a business that builds businesses. Its accelerator program provides the support and education needed for startup companies to survive through the beginning stages of launching an enterprise.

Read more on about Mike Baur.

The first years for a start-up are by far the toughest. Some lessons can only be learned through experience. These lessons cost time and money. Unprepared young companies often fall way behind when running into these early roadblocks. Mike uses his expertise in finance to instruct new CEOs on managing their resources and assets through this critical time.

The Swiss Startup Factory is the number one accelerator program of its kind in the country. It is conveniently located with classrooms that are equipped with all of the features a startup company would need to open doors for business. The 3-month program involves lectures and hands on tutoring. It is important to be engaged with each participant to ensure a thorough understanding of the methods needed to be successful.

Mike Baur invests his time and his resources into assisting young entrepreneurs and developing new business concepts. His program includes specific aspects such as bookkeeping, financial health reports, payroll management, tax reports, invoice management and cash flow reports. These detailed elements provide a young company with a blueprint for future success. Information such as this also paints a clear picture of the habits that led to past failures. The team at the Swiss Startup Factory instructs young business leaders on how to apply these tools and avoid the common pitfalls within their industries.

Mike Baur earned MBA’s from Bern University and the University of Rochester New York.


The Life And Career Of Mr. Flavio Maluf


There is one name you cannot miss to hear in the business circles of Brazil, Flavio Maluf. Flavio is an established Brazilian business tycoon. He is also an engineer and the current CEO of Eucatex, according to LinkedIn. He was born in 1961 attended New York and San Paulo for his law, business and engineering courses. From a tender age, Maluf worked extra hard, and this paid off when he was appointed the President of GrandFood Group while still studying.



Working For Eucatex



After his temporary stay in New York, Flavio returned home to be a part of his family business empire. Although he had no experience, he did everything possible to what he is now, a leading world entrepreneur. He assumed an executive role at the company and ventured in industrial trading for more partnerships and opportunities. Eucatex still operates on the same foundations Flavio established. He became the president of the business and is the brain behind the industrial plant launch in 2010.



Eucatex is the first Brazilian cooperation with the focus on environmental welfare and responsibility. The company was established in 1951 with the goal of reproducing eucalyptus to make ceiling panels and tiles. It is a leading name in the construction and furniture sector. He is an insightful businessman, and as such he seems to utilize energy in creative innovations. He has invested heavily in the new environment-friendly products.



Personal And Family Life



Without a doubt, Flavio has made it in the world of business; however, he also has a happy family profile. He has a wife Jacqueline Torres and three children. Also, he is a known philanthropist and has a passion for supporting hospitals and other maternity institutions.



Flavio is the success behind Eucatex. The achievements of the company in promoting sustainable development are known the world over. His experience in the sector can be a learning point for many aspiring business entrepreneurs. Flavio wears many hats and uses what he has to give back to the community through business, charity, and exemplary leadership. He dreams of a much better Brazil as he offers selfless service to the people.

Mike Baur Adding Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

The goal is that entrepreneurs in Switzerland would have the financial capital they need to make their ideas real. Many young people in school think of something interesting, such as the next Google or Facebook, but because of the lack of funding from mature investors, they are unable to continue with their ideas.


Mike Baur is devoted to changing that. Baur has instigated the Swiss Start Up Factory to help college students and other booming idealists come up with something that can change the economy of the world for better. The motto of the Swiss Start Up Factor is, “Where Innovation Meets Execution.” There are two major problems in industry today. One is established traditional companies who lack new ideas. The other is idealists who lack funding. The Swiss Start Up Factory offers a safe forum where wealthy individuals can listen to entrepreneurs sell their ideas and then consider what they would like to invest in.


Companies that the Swiss Start Up Factory has helped launch include Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind. The Swiss Start Up Factory takes the headache out of managing the business process. Many great ideas often sink because of lack of funds or a lack of organizational know how. By partnering experienced investors with the newbies, this enables great ideas to not get swept under the rug.


One of Baur’s main points is to make participation in the Swiss Start Up Factory free for students and entrepreneurs. Baur believes that low cost is the best way to attract reluctant thinkers to share their ideas with industry. Sometimes students have doubts about the viability of their business model, and the Swiss Start Up Factory wants to make the overall organization of growth much simpler for all parties involved.


One of Mike Baur’s partners in the Swiss Start Up Factory is Michael Hartweg. Hartweg is hiring the Swiss Start Up Factory to help his Fintech organization succeed in growing its business model and profits. With new ideas from students, the Swiss Start Up Factory is on a great path for achievement.


Mike Baur is an experienced private banker. He spent 20 years in the banking industry of Switzerland, gleaning a huge amount of knowledge about capital and finance. At age 39, Mike Baur saw a need for young entrepreneurs to have a vehicle to get their ideas into reality. He and two partners began the Swiss Start Up Factory so that new voices in industry could be heard.

Know more about Mike Baur at

3 Reasons Adam Goldenberg is Successful with Fabletics

If you were to ask Adam Goldenberg why Fabletics has been successful, what would he say? Goldenberg wouldn’t tell you that it’s because he’s so smart or that he went to the best schools. He would tell you that there are 3 main reasons that this venture, as well as his others, are super successful. Goldenberg knows when he’s doing something right, and it has a lot to do with his marketing acumen. While he is among the best and the brightest, Goldenberg is reaching to the top of the sky for Fabletics.

Early in life, Goldenberg was known for being tech savvy. His natural abilities and talents gave him the notoriety he deserved at the young age of 15 on What he learned as he grew into a businessman would make him even more successful than he was then. Goldenberg was interviewed by “Built in Los Angeles” a few years back. His thoughts on why the business was growing rapidly explained why Fabletics was doing so fabulous.

When 2006 rolled around, Goldenberg and his business partner Don Ressler founded Intelligent Beauty on This startup was designed to be what these gentlemen refer to as a “brand incubator”. The company raised more than $50 million dollars for funding, and it was at this time that they chose to purchase Shoe Dazzle, a popular site for shoes and accessories. With celebrity stylist membership programs, these membership based sites became popular but also more personal. The more personal touch has had a lot to do with the success of Fabletics.

Fabletics also offers a line of clothing that the fitness lifestyle enjoys. The clothing can be worn casually and take you right into your workout. Fabletics also meets the need for those who work with companies that encourage them to workout while working on the job. This approach to working out behind the desk encourage individuals to care about how they look while taking better care of themselves.

Additionally, Adam Goldenberg says that metrics play a big role in their success at Fabletics. This means that Goldenberg and his partner Ressler have been testing out various types of marketing while tracking those results. Mastering these marketing techniques is what gives the world of e-commerce a long overdue boost. Maintaining growth is important to Adam Goldenberg, but he also realizes that in order to keep momentum, marketing will change on a monthly basis.