Check Out the New Palette From Lime Crime Venus 3

Women like to feel confident about themselves walking to work or even just going to the gym. As Spring 2018 approaches, trending looks are changing and new makeup is coming out with the best makeup colors out there. Also, makeup tips here and there are not going to hurt you, there are here to help you.

What better way to celebrate the day than by decorating and accentuating your facial structure as a woman or man? Take the highlighter for example. They come in many different colors like purple, white, blended, even pink! The area you want to add the sparkle is your cheekbones and the tippy tip of your nose to create a 3D effect. However, lightly fluff the powder on your face for a glowing look.

Next, is the lips with many options too! They have liquid, gloss, matte, or even stained. It will have people thinking whether it is your natural lip color because the color hugs it so well. If that is what you are looking for then matte lipstick is your best fit with a velvety smooth finish! Try any color from dark to light or neutral, whichever goes with your eye look of the day. Also, get this, it even lasts through eating and drinking or even kissing the person you love.

Okay, if you are a girly girl then you need the everyday palette to kick start the day. Lime Crime offers the best colors for your budget and lifestyle. It is romantic and lovely, this eye palette is worth carrying around and boasting about.

And last, you cannot go wrong with eyeliner to finish off your perfect look. If you have already become a pro at winging it, Lime Crime offers some of the best eyeliners for your eyes.

And if you are feeling extra, dab a little bit of the peach blush on your face because, honey, it is looking good today. Lastly, spritz that rose water on your face to give the natural, “I woke up like this” vibes. Seriously it works, try it out!

You could never go wrong with Lime Crime. They are offering you the best products for getting glammed up.