Evolution of Smooth vs The Competition

When you think of lip care products, lip balms are some of the first ones that comes to mind. For nearly 100 years Chapstick is been a staple in this market as well as Blistex and Burt’s Bees. These products are still widely used, but their is a new product on the market that is setting new trends.

Evolution of Smooth is the name and natural lip care is the game. EOS lip balm has overtaking Chapstick and has firmly become the second best selling lip balm on the market. Burt’s Bees is currently the number one seller, but Evolution of Smooth is making up ground fast and effectively. With $1 Million in sells per week, estimated growth by the year 2020 will be around $2 Billion, which will exceed all expectation. (EOS) has a firm following and marketed to a specific demographic. Yes, anyone can and does use the product, but company marketers have strategically Target a certain group of people known as millennials. This age 30 and under demographic makes up a large portion on the market and (EOS) has strategically worked it’s magic with this campaign.

Evolution of Smooth stands out from the crowd because it’s looks completely different from older mainstream products. The vibrant colors and egg shaped creates appeal among this group of individuals and amounts sold on a weekly basis are a testament of the selective marketing success. Besides the appearance the brand actually gives you great health benefits thanks to it’s organic ingredient base. You won’t find many other products with this high amount of natural healers in one product. http://www.racked.com/2014/10/31/7571165/eos-lip-balm

Evolution of Smooth has a great thing going and the mission is to appeal to the five natural senses. This gives the user a much closer connection to the product, which other brands lack. At this current pace, Evolution of Smooth will erase all competitors and likely own the entire industry. You can read the fastcompany.com article on how EOS started.


Beauty Writer Tries Famous No Shampoo WEN Method for Shine and Bounce

When your hair looks great, you know it, and your self-esteem grows higher, but when you’re having too many bad hair days, it’s frustrating. Bustle.com contributor Emily McClure was tired of fighting her flat, dull hair, so she decided to try what the whole world already knows, that the WEN system delivers.
WEN by Chaz Dean is the no-poo method that’s changed the way people care for their hair. Wen uses cleansing conditioners made of natural botanicals to give strength, body and bounce back to locks. Emily had seen the amazing infomercials where gorgeous celebrities use the WEN system for healthy, manageable hair, so she chose the Sephora endorsed FIG cleansing conditioner and got started.

Emily was hesitant to use so much product in the shower, so she used the minimum amount for short hair, instead of the proper pumps for her medium length locks. Maybe that could have affected her results, but as she cleansed with WEN, she noticed her hair seemed to swell in size. When she blow-dried and styled, wow, her hair looked beautiful as her selfies showed.

Everything was going great, until Emily went off her AM WEN washes. One time, she decided to try WEN at night, because that’s how she normally showers, but her results delivered flat, greasy hair in the morning. Another time, she skipped the AM WEN wash, as she was late. Once again, Emily felt her hair go limp quickly and lose its style.

Still, when Emily returned to the WEN hair care routine, her hair looked nice, and friends complimented her on the shine and bounce it appeared to have.

Seven days later, Emily has zero regrets, saying she would reach for the WEN again, if she weren’t so lazy and if she could allow hair to develop a routine.

Official product website: http://www.wen.com/