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Skout is a global platform that has been created for both the desktop as well as for the mobile. Skout is a new social app that has been created for a wide range of purposes whether it be for finding a new romance, making new friends, or expanding the social circle. Skout is a unique app that has incorporated many icebreakers into the meeting of new individuals around the world. With so many languages incorporated into the social app, this app is currently available in over 180 countries around the world. With millions joining this social app each year, Skout has been named to be one of the fastest growing social media sites to use in present day.

In recent news, MeetMe has announced that this company has acquired the Skout startup company for $28.5 million which will include over 5.37 million shares with the company as it continues to grow. This detail entails the understanding that Skout will continue to function as a standalone brand. Though MeetMe has officially acquired this brand, Skout will still continue growing with the Skout brand. Skout has been deemed a successfully growing company with 3.5 million users on a monthly basis. It has also been reported that Skout has welcomed 42,000 new users on a daily basis. The company grew so much that the company earned almost $30 million in total revenue.

Skout was founded just as the iOS app launched in 2009. As a fast growing social media site, Skout decided to expand even more in 2014 when the company acquired Nixter, another app that specializes in night life information. This was done with the intention of bringing together both online as well as offline interaction of the users. The creators of Skout not only want people to use Skout, but they also want for the users of Skout to meet the people that they have been talking to in real life.

MeetMe decided to acquire Skout after seeing the great potential of the app. With the new funding that is coming in, MeetMe hopes to improve not only the technology, but also the recommendation engine, the chat, among the other offered services. The CEO of MeetMe expects for Skout to grow at an exponential rate and to reach $100 million in revenue by 2018. Skout, as of presently, is well on its way to achieve this two year goal of increasing revenue.

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Skout Researches Humor For National Humor Month

Do You Need More Friends?

One of the biggest appeals to having technology at your fingertips in the form of your smart phone is that you can easily message and keep up with people. You can have a conversation with anyone, anytime of the day, and you can do it without leaving your house. You can use an app, like Skout, while sitting at a coffee shop to meet new people. Have you heard of Skout? They are one of the biggest social media and networking applications, and their application is free to download and use.

It’s easy to set up a profile. In fact, the application walks you through the step by step process. It only takes a few minutes to start networking through Skout. You can meet some pretty interesting people on their application, so you should put your best foot forward by knowing what kinds of pictures attract positive attention from users on Skout. I found this article recently that was written by PR Newswire. The article talks about what Skout found were effective profile pictures. Skout’s team is always doing research that they share with their community on productive ways to set up your profile.

Humor Is A Good Sign When Finding A New Friend

Skout recently conducted research on what profile pictures were attracting attention from their users. They gathered research just in time for National Humor Month. The month of April marks National Humor Month, so Skout thought it would be a good time to share their findings with us all. The exact details that they found are explored on PR Newswire, in their write up about Skout. You will find more information there about what types of users are on Skout. Overall, Skout’s team found that people who have pictures of themselves laughing are over 400 percent more likely to have another user favorite their profile. Favoriting a profile is a user’s way of saying that they would like to see you again.

The article also shares research that Skout gathered by surveying their users. They conducted research on humor by surveying their users, and they found that 75 percent of the users surveyed find themselves to be funny. They also found that 94 percent of people enjoy creating laughter among people around them. The article from PR Newswire with more statistics about Skout’s survey can be found here.