Ricardo Tosto

In force since 2005, Law 11,101 / 2005, which governs Judicial Recovery, has brought numerous advances to the business sector. However, according to opinions of several lawyers in country, who work with judicial recovery processes, among them Ricardo Tosto, specialist and adviser on the subject, this law needs some changes that may make it more practical and with better results. This need for change is due to the fact that, according to research by the National Institute for Judicial Recovery, only 5% of companies that go through a judicial recovery process are able to return to their normal activities.


Since the beginning of the law in 2005 more than 6,900 companies have filed for judicial recovery. Regarding those who filed for bankruptcy, the number stands at 3,859.


According to Ricardo Tosto, the new changes in Law 11,101 / 2005 already have a great benefit for the business sector. Currently, organizations that are part of the same business group have the right to enter with a single judicial recovery process, thus generating a process with lower costs and with much more force and ease of resolution.


The inclusion of small and medium-sized enterprises in the capacity of creditor is also another advantage that merits attention. It is important to note that in Brazil, 90% of the active companies are represented by the medium and small entrepreneur.


Ricardo Tosto – it is still possible to improve.


According to Ricardo Tosto, a specialist and adviser on the subject, despite the remarkable evolution during the 10 years of the Law of Judicial Recovery, it still lacks certain changes that will serve to give greater support to companies in order to insert them again in Activities. And for this to be done as efficiently as possible, a great strategy would be to find new ways to capitalize on companies in the process of recovery. Another very important point would be a way to make feasible to these companies the payment of their tax debts, facilitating this recovery process even more.

Breaking Free: Yeonmi Park

If you are one to keep up with the news at all, then you are familiar with Yeonmi Park.
She is a 21 year old North Korean Defector who has been grabbing many headlines lately.
She was raised in the hostile and oppressive land from birth.

She became a defector after her father was imprisoned for having metal delivered to
China. Her mother was the one to keep her safe and show her the tricks to stay alive
in such a place. Yeonmi has even spoke of her shock on yeonmi.net at the way American children are
encouraged to express themselves.

That is something unheard of in North Korea. And a breath of fresh air to a person
born in a land of oppression and dictatorship.

Park can recall many instances while in school, whereby the teachers would teach the
children math lessons by using dead Americans as math components. Things like “There
are ten Americans, and if you kill five, how many are left?”

Much of North Korea is operated like a prison state. The level of dictatorship bleeds
into every facet of the culture. You are told what and how to think and act. There
is tolerance for resistance. You will follow orders or else.

She is now in attendance at Dongguk University in Seol, where she is majoring in
criminal justice. Her message is being heard loud and clear now. She is regularly
a guest on shows like Radio Free Asia, BBC2 and Voice of America.

Among her other ventures, Park is also a volunteer at NAUH (Now, Action, Unity
and Human Rights) as well as being a volunteer Ambassador of the Teach North Korean
Refugees program to boot. She definitely has her plate full and is showing no sign
of slowing down either.

It was 2007 when Yeonmi and her mother fled the oppressive nation. On the one hand,
they had to deal with the constant threat of being caught. On the other hand, were
the inherent dangers of the trip. One of them being the threat of rape, that turned
out to be the mothers fate, to protect her daughter.

This was just before being sold into the world of human traffic. A proposition is
given to Yeonmi to become a mistress to see her family again. She reluctantly
agrees to the terms in order for her family to be with her. The reunion is short
lived however, due to her father being crippled by colon cancer.

She had to bury his remains in the dead of night alone. A cold reminder of the
situation at hand. The need to escape China was undeniably evident. Park being
quoted as saying “We wanted to live like human beings with dignity.”

Her story is a very moving and inspirational one, if not tragically so. It is a
real life account of the determination of the human spirit to be free.

We are sure to see more acts of compassion from this young soul who has seen
so much inhumanity.