Meet Ara Chackerian, a renowned investor in the healthcare industry

Ara Chackerian is a serial entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist. He has earned reputation for investing in healthcare startups. Ara has been successful in his career in the healthcare technology sector. He has found many healthcare companies that focus on different types of diagnostic imaging services. He works as the director of Evolute Consolidated Holdings, and also as the director of the Pipeline Health Holdings. He is also a partner and a board member of the TMS Health Solution, a healthcare company that provides transcranial magnetic stimulation for people suffering from treatment-resistant stress.


He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business management from Florida State University. After finishing school, Ara spent a better part of his career in leadership roles in various healthcare services companies. He has worked at PSS/World Medical where he held different leadership positions and ensured profits in more than ten distribution facilities and grew the company’s workforce to 400 employees. Ara Chackerian was also the founder and chief executive officer of BMC Diagnostics. He led the company until 2007 when the Health Diagnostics purchased it. Check out



Healthcare startups are quickly thriving in the global marketplace, and this has led to a meteoric rise of startups. The power of innovation in the healthcare sector like the robotics and digital imaging have substantially impacted many patients outcome and have also developed a smooth healthcare operation system. Mr. Chackerian believes that innovation has lifted the success and sustainability of the healthcare sector. For Ara Chackerian and other healthcare startup entrepreneurs, this is the right time to invest because money is flowing back to the economy and the healthcare sector is quickly dominating the global marketplace. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Ara Chackerian is famous for his philanthropic acts. He has helped numerous charitable organizations in Armenia, the United States and Nicaragua. He has sacrificed his time and resources to help the less fortunate in the society and to protect natural resources especially forests. He has been in the frontline advocating for forest management. He recently founded Limonapa, a teak farm based in Nicaragua. He established Limonapa teak to provide sustainable farming and replenish forest that had been destroyed. The project became of great help to the people of Nicaragua. You can visit for more.