Companies that are diverse outperform those that are not because they are open to new ideas. There are multiple perspectives from the workplace diversity. From statistics, various gender business beats others by 15% while those that are ethnically diverse exceed by 35%. However, women with high executive positions in Standard and Poor 500 companies are a small percentage. Despite that, there are many women in organizations struggling to reach places at the top levels. There is hope for them since there are women like Susan McGalla who have led the way. Being the daughter of a football coach and having two brothers, she didn’t have excuses as a girl. Whatever she wanted, she worked for it even in life thus making her successful.

At American Eagle Outfitters, Susan McGalla started when men were the only executives in the company. She rose through the ranks holding different management positions, became the chief merchandising officer and president before exiting the company. Being the confident woman she is, Susan began in a company that gave her the chance to start and grow through the ranks and earns her positions. At Pittsburgh Steelers, she is a founder of P3 Executive Consulting and the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. Not all women get the same chances as Susan has despite the many women networks and initiatives that support women in leadership positions allowing them to share their ideas, plan and strategize their businesses and provide a platform for them to connect with women in the same industry.

This has worked in the past showing women they can work in executive positions just like men. The initiatives, however, haven’t provided the solution since men still hold most executive positions or power in most businesses worldwide. The answers can be obtained by creating sponsorship opportunities whereby highly invested career women should find an executive sponsor who will act as an advocate in that they will help them create opportunities for themselves, recommend them for main projects or essential assignment and thus help them rise through ranks in the organization like McGalla.