Bridging classroom communities, meet Class Dojo

Bridging classroom communities, meet Class Dojo

In today’s world, social media has had an impact on the better part of the world’s population regardless of age, occupation, and location. This wave has been far-reaching, inculcating itself in the education sector too. Introducing, Class Dojo, a communications and empowerment application that has marveled teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders in the education system. It’s an application that helps students share, learn, grow and exchange ideas without necessarily being in close proximity to each other. Giving a voice to all.

Class Dojo was founded in 2011 in San Francisco, California and it is now used in 2 in 3 schools in the US today. This application has made it possible for our students, teachers, and parents to interact, building the classroom community and generating a positive culture in the classes. Class Dojo in efforts to help reach bigger masses and creating a better world, it is always free for teachers.

As a teacher, there is so much you can do with the tools offered by Class Dojo. You can make random student groups, provide classroom directions, play classroom songs, offer think-pair-share, randomly pick a student, use an online timer, share announcements and show visualized class noise. Learning is fun, incredible and all-inclusive.

The students can share their learning experiences and express their understanding through the posting of photos and videos in their available portfolios. The students are always excited to show their parents their Class Dojo “Monsters.” Parents too are not forgotten. As a parent, you are also connected and involved in the sharing of photos and videos such that you will never miss out on any amazing class moments and memories.

Class Dojo works on Android, iOS, Kindle Fire and on any computer. This way, you can always be connected. The application has an inbuilt privacy center that helps keep the entire classroom community safe.

Class Dojo will help our students strive for excellence in a happy and supportive environment. Now our families are part of our children’s everyday learning curriculum. Talk of changing the education system from the ground-up.