Sheldon Lavin’s Led OSI Group Receives Global Visionary Award

OSI Group, formerly Otto and Sons have been having Sheldon Lavin as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Sheldon joined the OSI Group in 1970 when it was small and green in the market. Through his leadership, however, the company has incredibly thrived, and currently, it competes with other global companies in this field. Sheldon saw the company walk through baby steps to where it is now.

Presently, OSI has opened up branches in over 60 different countries. These branches have enhanced the Group’s operations in a big way making it more efficient. Sheldon Lavin is also the President of OSI International Food Limited. It is a giant company in the meat and food-processing industry. OSI International Food Limited is a multinational company operating in about 17 countries with over 70 operational facilities.

Sheldon Lavin is a properly-trained and renowned accounting and finance officer. That has played an integral role in his success in the business world. He began his career in the banking and investment industry. During his early career life, Lavin has been a leader in various companies. This is how he was able to gather the immense experience that he possesses. Some of these companies include The Sheba Foundation and Northeast Bank. He then moved on to be an entrepreneur and started his investment company. Initially, he was an investment advisor to Otto and Sons. He undertook more and more responsibility and got into the company’s operations. This ultimately landed him a partnership position in the company.

Under Sheldon Lavin’s tutelage, OSI Group has amassed different awards for excelling in their operations. In 2016, Globe of Honour was given to OSI Food Solutions UK. Sheldon Lavin also got the Global Visionary Award from India. He received this recognition for his job creation skills that saw him create jobs for a ton of people. Over and above that, he was awarded for his unbeatable leadership. Sheldon Lavin sits on the Board of Trustees for the Ronald MacDonald House Charities. He plays the role of the chairperson as well as the Chief Executive Officer. He has a history of joining hands with different charity groups and serving with them to positively impact the society.

Sheldon Lavin is an inspiration to many and still yearns to do better. To him, the environmental sustainability always comes first. He profoundly hopes that future leaders in the corporate world will also take care of the two. He is continuously working and finding new and better ways of doing things. He is also a committed family man.

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