Former UN chief warns US law could lead to World War III

The days of the Cold War are over, but does that mean the specter of World War III is gone? The answer is no, according to a new book written by former UN Chief Kamil Idris in his new book JASTA and a Third World War.


What could possibly be the root theory behind this? Idris, the former Director-General of the UN agency WIPO, states that a law passed in the United States that can allow anyone in the U.S. sue another country could be the catalyst that eventually leads to a devastating global war. The name of this law is JASTA or the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act.


The way the law works an American citizen can sue any country that has been proved linked to a terrorist attack. Despite being vetoed by President Obama in 2016, the law was put into existence later than same year.


Kamil Idris states that one of the core principles of international law says that countries are immune from lawsuits that occur in the courts of other countries. JASTA, he states, poses a real serious threat against that principle. What this could lead to, in turn, is more lawsuits brought against the United States which could escalate in a series of other policies that could destabilize the world.


Kamil Idris also states that this existence has some very startling parallels to the world which existed right before World War One. Nationalism and rejecting international law or institutions ultimate led to one of the most devastating global conflicts the world has ever seen.


Professor Idris is well respected throughout the world and has met with world leaders across the globe during his career. He has worked with Presidents such as Bill Clinton, but also world leaders like Castro, Kofi Anan, Tony Blair, Yassar Arafat and Boutros Ghali.


Professor Idris indicates that the repercussions of JASTA could end up threatening the very existence of Democracy itself. This is due to populist movements and increased nationalistic tendencies around the globe.


Professor Idris’ new book, JASTA and a Third World War, is out now and published by UK Book Publishing.


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The skilled author of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Sean Penn

Isolating oneself from reality and sometimes the troubles of the world can be a good way to find the skill that is within and use it to transform your work entirely. Sean Penn believes in the power of writing, and this is starting to interest him a lot as he terms it as enjoyable.


57 years is a long time to be alive and working with prosperity in every aspect. However, Sean differs, despite the recognition that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff gave him. Having been a long-term producer and writer as well as actor and skilled performer, Sean Penn has published best-selling books and gained prominence in award events like the Grammy’s.


The Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was released just before the most recent US elections and many people saw this as a book which was aimed to pass a message and criticize the state that the country was in. Opinions spread through social media, and discussions and debates were held by critics who took a different meaning to the book. However, Sean who is its author and understands more why he wrote simply terms it as a fictional book with nothing more to its story.


Some characters in the book like Bob have been victims of interpretation and misinterpretation. When asked, Sean stated how sad it is that a book cannot be seen and taken for what it really is.


The talented man with a dream as many people do wants to go ahead of his current levels of prominence and achieve more in life. He believes that his levels cannot be set to standard and therefore tries with every chance to make the most out the opportunities he gets to shine. His legacy is something that grows, and he believes that he will attain a prosperous life, and therefore set a legacy. Sean’s audio release of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was the first version of the setting that up to today still spreads. Sean Penn is not bothered, however. He plans to live on with his passion and achieve more in life.

Watch Sean Penn’s full interview on the book here:—following-his-muse-with–bob-honey-who-just-do-stuff—-extended-interview

The American Institute of Architects and Public Health

     Public Health and Sustainability have long been at the forefront of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) thanks to the efforts of Robert Ivy its Chief Executive Officer. Robert Ivy has always wanted to lead the AIA to new levels of change that would have a global impact on the public. Robert Ivy and the AIA have already funded several grant programs to Universities like Texas A&M, the Universities of Arkansas and New Mexico. Each one of the Universities is implementing different programs geared at measuring different health impacts on the community. Buildings, where we live and work, affect our health conditions. They change how we breathe in the fresh or noxious air, how we receive sunlight and fresh water from the ground or how we access pure and clean air. Robert Ivy believes that these characteristics of buildings that affect the health of individuals and they should be quantifiable. The latest grants that have been sponsored by AIA are directed at assisting architectural students around the country to begin quantifying the data which proves the relationships between architectural structures and the health of the people who use them or live in them.

Robert Ivy uses his office as CEO of AIA to further encourage architects and city planner to design buildings that are more conducive to physical activity. He promotes the use of open space to support and encourage physical activity in and around buildings. One of Robert Ivy’s reasons is the general fight against obesity, which affects 35% of the American population. Robert Ivy hopes that he can influence this generation as well as future generations to implement new standards of design that can help reduce the effect of obesity and heart disease by providing more unique ways to bring more open space into the architectural design process.

Waiakea Water & How It’s Revolutionizing Bottled Water

Beverages are some of the best-selling products on the market. Not only does beverages taste good, beverages have tremendous amounts of health benefits. One thing’s for sure, you can survive longer without eating food than you can by not drinking fluids. Whenever you walk down the beverage-isle of your favorite store, you’ve probably noticed the high amounts of bottled-water brands. Dasani, Nestle Pure Life, Aquafina, Zephyrhills, Cool Blue and many more brands are lined along the shelves to perfection. Have you noticed that some of the brands have fat-free listed on the label? Some bottled-water brands can get a bit ridiculous with the claims as if pieces of fat are actually floating in the majority of bottled water.

On the other hand, have you ever heard of Waiakea? Well, this top-rated brand manufactures some of the purest water on the planet. This product is known as Waiakea Hawiian Volcanic water, and it is providing a fresh twist to the bottled-water experience. This water is very premium, and it comes from a premium source. Why is the water so special? Waiakea water is so special because it is rich in minerals, and it is naturally alkaline. Did you know that most people’s bodies are consistently in an acidic state. This statement is very true. Being in an acidic state creates a breeding ground for illnesses, which is the reason to why so many people have health problems.

These wonderful liquids are manufactured straight from its source. This water boasts the title of being the “greenest water” on the planet. Its high pH-level has been listed at an 8.8, but most of the majority of bottled water has tested for having a rating of seven on the pH-scale. When it comes to water, anything below seven is considered to be acidic.

Hawaiian Volcanic water also hosts an abundance of electrolytes in addition to its high-mineral count. This extraordinary brand has been around since 2012, and it is reshaping the landscape of bottled water. It’s time to take your health back and Waiakea is the brand of choice when it comes to pure water.