David McDonald Talks About the Principles Behind OSI

David “Dave” McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Group LLC and is likewise the OSI Industries’ Project Manager. OSI is a leading worldwide food provider based in the United States.

In an interview conducted by the CEOCFO Magazine, David McDonald said that he could not comment about the original group vision of OSI since he was not there from the beginning of the company’s operation. Although he says that the company has a great desire for growth and expansion, which is still present as of today. The craving for continuous growth is the foundation and culture embedded within the organization for the company to become the leading food provider for reputable and branded corporations. And the said objective has not changed as of the present.

When asked how is the company’s culture encouraged within the rank and file seeing that the company is quite large with plenty of employees, Dave McDonalds said that while they established formal relationships from the start, the company’s associates were in a better perspective about their respective locations. So, together they made a governing body that would oversee the necessary approvals for expenses or essential premeditated resolutions. Although, McDonald says that the best decision is made by those who are near the company’s customers.

Dave McDonald revealed that the OSI entrepreneurial and innovative spirit is stimulated by their customers since the company has confidence that it can provide better value when a customer’s need require an appropriate response that serves as a challenge. In such cases, OSI gets to be creative and find the most appropriate solutions that are not only less expensive but exclusive to be practical. And in such processes failure are often accepted because the opportunity to learn is present when mistakes happen.

McDonald likewise enlightened the interviewer that the OSI is aware the food provision is a huge obligation and concern for quality and high standard is a must. Taking this into careful consideration he said that the organization considers customers like family. Therefore, food safety is a paramount objective. Hence, good products must be given and served to family members.

In a parting note, Dave McDonald comments that what OSI plans for the incoming years to do – is to do what the company has always been doing, which is to continue improving. By continuing to grow, the company becomes more valuable because it finds innovative resolutions that create more room for expansion and growth.

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