Twenty-First Century Empowerment and Leadership For Women

Modern-day society is one of the best times for women in general. The women’s movement of the past few decades have really opened many more doors for females. One of the best events for witnessing female empowerment is at the Dallas Women’s Foundation Annual Luncheon. This event comes around every October, and it seems to be growing is physical size. The Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas, was the place to be for any and everything that’s female related. Over 1,300 people attended the event, which includes civic, community and business leaders. Did you know that this just so happens to be the largest women’s regional fund on earth? That’s right!

Guest speaker and award-winning scientist Dr. Hope Jahren was also present. This woman is the perfect example of leadership amongst women because she is leading by example. Dr. Hope Jahren has attended John Hopkins University as well as the Georgia Institute of Technology. Between 2008 – 2016, she worked as a tenured professor in Honolulu at the University of Hawaii. On top of that, Dr. Hope Jarhen is a best-selling author. The accomplishments and accolades can go on and on for days. Her keynote address was livestreamed across North Texas to more than 20 schools. These schools consisted of over 1,300 students. One of the event’s biggest contributors was NexBank SSB. This financial powerhouse is known for its philanthropic nature thanks to working with other organizations. NexBank has gifted the Dallas Women’s Foundation with $100,000.

Spare no expense seems to be the trend with this bank, but it has plenty to go around. As of today, NexBank SSB has an estimated $7.4 billion in assets. It specializes in mortgage banking, in investment banking and in institutional services. Other services included are:


  • Public Funds
  • Warehouse Lending
  • Credit Services
  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Treasury Management

And more